Former Students

The English Language Program (ELP) loves to stay in touch with former students. You will always be part of our community — long after you leave!  Please tell us about your experiences at the ELP by writing a testimonial, or by writing a short article for @elp, our student magazine. Be sure to tell us where you are, what you are doing and if you’d like to hear from us regularly.


“The Academic English program has ignited my confidence... The skills I’ve learned will help me write persuasively, speak in court, and negotiate effectively. Today, I feel ready to step into the next chapter of my life.”

-Edinair Damasio Barbosa, ELP student

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Edinair Damasio Barbosa

“Nothing comes easy. You have to work hard to pursue your dreams, and become the person you want to be in your future.”

-Farhane Onifade of Benin

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Farhane Onifade

"During my studies, I have been excited at the ELP. It has provided several opportunities for students like me to participate in fascinating activities such as volunteering, explore many places in Toronto city, and learn in interesting classes. I have met here many people from different countries, with different cultures and points of view. By studying, communicating and volunteering I have learned a myriad of useful things and broadened my horizons. Toronto has motivated me to learn more and inspired me to do a lot." 

-Raushan Ayekenova of Kazakhstan

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"I tried to be active and use all the resources available to me at the ELP.  I am thankful I used these resources, like volunteering—it got me over the nerves of speaking English and encouraged me to speak with Canadians."

-David Quispe of Ecuador 

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"I think being in a multicultural city is the best place to study. We are all trying to learn about each other. I think this is the advantage. I've learned so much about other cultures."

-Hatice Korkulu of Türkiye

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"The days that I spent at the ELP made me a more interactive person. Now I feel that my way of thinking has changed dramatically and positively. I feel that everything I am interested in doing is a possibility and it deserves to be pursued."

-Yujiro Nakamura of Japan

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“I chose to study at the University of Toronto because it is one of the best universities in North America. In-class activities are fun and enjoyable and the social activities contributed to improving my confidence and English abilities. Studying at the ELP has been a great experience.”


-Liseth Sierra Vitola of Colombia

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