Health Insurance and Services

We want all learners to be healthy and happy during their time at the University of Toronto.

The English Language Program requires all applicants to pay for health insurance when registering for full-time study. All international learners must purchase the insurance organized by the English Language Program (unless a learner has proof of existing health insurance with another Canadian government plan such as OHIP or UHIP). It is your way – and our way – of knowing that you have enough health coverage in case of a medical emergency during your time in Canada.

Health insurance costs are outlined on the Registration Form. The coverage is provided through Guard.Me.

Please note:  Insurance coverage is only provided from 12:01am on the Sunday before your program starts until 11:59pm on the Saturday after your program finishes. If you arrive early or leave later, you should ensure you have additional coverage. The insurance company Guard.Me is able to provide additional coverage to cover extra time you spend in Canada.

Students purchasing Guard.Me insurance coverage will also benefit from the Keep.MeSafe service. This service offers 24-hour access to (free and confidential) professional counselling and resources in the language of your choice. The counsellors are able to assist with a variety of issues affecting mental health. These may include dealing with depression/anxiety, loneliness, culture shock, conflict in relationships, or may be related to questions about healthy living.

Your safety and well-being is our priority.

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