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Redefining lifelong learning at
University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies

We view lifelong learning as an ongoing journey; it’s a vital and evolving process.
Lifelong learning empowers us to improve life circumstances, to meet changing employment
demands, or to challenge our minds and improve our knowledge. It’s an ecosystem of growth, opportunity,
and unexpected pathways into one of the world’s top ranked universities.



Our Programs and Services

We offer a diverse spectrum of programs, services
and learning opportunities to help you journey forward.
English Language Program

Learning English is a gateway to opportunity. Whether for general effective communication, or more specific academic or business purposes, our English Language Program delivers an immersive and supportive environment for you to hone life-changing English language skills.

Comparative Education Service

Did you know that the Comparative Education Service (CES) was established by the University of Toronto in 1967 and is Canada’s only university-based academic credential evaluation service?  

Whether you are looking for express entry, applying for immigration to Canada through the Federal Skilled Worker Program or applying for Canadian permanent residency, we are able to help you.   

As part of Canada’s top research university, we are trusted by employers and professional agencies throughout Canada. Our educational assessment reports are recognized in Canada and beyond.

Comparative Education Service
Blueprint Career Service

Building a thriving career takes more than a solid CV. Our expert career services facilitators help you go beyond the skills listed on your resume, to reflect on your most powerful assets. The programming includes events, panels, and webinars delivered with two core approaches: CliftonStrengths and Designing Your Life's Work. This unique programming allows you to engage in the opportunities that serve your needs while providing content that is complementary across the program pieces without being redundant. Blueprint is here to help you reach your goals at any stage of your career. Guided by us, driven by you.

Organizational and Corporate Training

At SCS, we are passionate about helping organizations achieve their distinct training goals. Concerned about the impact of the pandemic on your organization? Want to ensure you are building an organizational culture that keeps and attracts top talent? By collaborating with industry partners and learning-design professionals, we created training solutions that will prepare your people to confidently meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Organizational and Corporate Training
U of T Community

We encourage all members of the U of T community to engage in lifelong learning to extend the relationship of alumni to the university, and contribute to their professional and or personal growth and satisfaction.

Knowledge Hub

How we all work and learn has been changing rapidly. SCS wants to support you through this evolution. We recognize that in addition to new assistance options for online learners whose finances were impacted by COVID-19, there is an appetite from our learners for content to help explore new territory, engage your minds, and learn skills and ideas you can apply to your lives and careers now.

We reached out to our community of learners to get a better idea of just what kinds of content and the topics into which you would like to gain insight. We asked, you responded, we listened. The U of T SCS Knowledge Hub series is the result.

Knowledge Hub
Financial Aid

We appreciate that supporting your lifelong journey requires an investment of resources on your part. And we acknowledge that sometimes you may need financial aid to reach your lifelong learning goals. We continue to work to find new resources to support student aid to complement our existing bursaries, awards and loans for newcomers.

Our Courses and Certificates

We offer courses and certificates to help you expand your horizons, advance your career, and explore new paths as you journey forward. Our learning opportunities are open to all adults, from all backgrounds, who are eager to embrace lifelong learning.

Featured Courses

Micro Courses and Micro- credentials

To thrive in the future of work, you need new, in-demand
skills. Fast.

Our micro courses are short, targeted learning opportunities that focus on skills and competency development. When you successfully complete a micro course, you earn a micro-credential.

Micro-credentials are a digital representation of the set of competencies or skills that you have achieved. They are a powerful way for you to showcase your abilities to your personal and professional networks.

Learning is a lifelong process. At any life stage it empowers us to improve life circumstances, to meet changing employment demands, or to challenge our minds and improve our knowledge.

35 percent graphic

of employers report
struggling to find
qualified or skilled

55 percent graphic

of Canadians who
participated in training
report improved job

80 percent graphic

of later-in-life learners
report improvements in
quality of life;
self-confidence; general
life satisfaction; or
coping abilities

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