Professional Edge Program

Starting your career after graduating from university is an exciting time!

You developed strong knowledge and abilities in your degree, and now it’s time to bring those qualities to the workplace.

Our Professional Edge program is designed to translate the knowledge you learned in your undergraduate degree into tangible, marketable, real-world skills that will ensure you thrive in a business environment.

Employers want to know what value you will bring to their business; this program gives you the confidence and perspective to implement your academic abilities in a fast-paced, real-life, competitive work setting.



Learning outcomes are different depending on the certificate you choose to pursue, however, each certificate program is designed specifically for recent graduates who want to learn fundamental skills that are critical to excel in today’s market.

You will develop:

  • Hands-on skills by working on real-life inspired business projects from start to finish
  • Business acumen
  • Important workplace communication skills (both written and presentation)
  • Effective resume writing abilities
  • Strategic networking skills
  • The ability to nail an interview
  • An online profile that stands out from the crowd and highlights the unique value you will bring to an organization



Instructors at SCS are experts in their field who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, tips for success, and lessons learned over the years. By turning theory into action, your instructors will show you how to implement and enhance your teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking abilities in a work environment.



This program is open to everyone, however, it is designed specifically for recent grads seeking an intensive, full-time program to develop job-ready skills.

You can expect:

  • Open enrollment with no admissions process
  • To be in class, on campus, every day for four weeks
  • Take-home projects and online resources
  • To work independently and within a dynamic team (mimicking a work environment)
  • A variety networking opportunities
  • Small class sizes so you can connect other learners who are equally as motivated
  • Upon successful completion, you will receive a University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Certificate, an important credential to back up the knowledge and skills you have already worked so hard to develop

Take the next step towards your future. Register now before spaces fill up!

U of T's Career Exploration & Education will provide career-ready workshops throughout the program. These workshops will help all learners to develop a stellar resume, learn skills that will prepare you to knock it out of the park in an interview and create a professional online profile that stands out from the crowd." 

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