Policies and Guidelines

Admission to the School of Continuing Studies

All of our courses are open enrolment. Adults at least 18 years of age (17 years of age for our English Language Program) are welcome to register into courses at the School of Continuing Studies regardless of prior academic background or country of origin. You do not need to be a University of Toronto student or alumnus.

Some courses have prerequisites. Please check the course description for details.


Admission to the University of Toronto

You cannot attain acceptance into the University of Toronto by completing courses at the School of Continuing Studies. If you want to apply for admission to degree programs, contact the Office of Admissions and Awards or the School of Graduate Studies.


Transfer Credits/Exemptions for Programs at Educational Institutions

Before you enrol into any courses or programs at the School of Continuing Studies, check with your educational institution to find out if our courses are eligible for an exemption or credit towards their program. The School cannot be held responsible if you fail to do so, and your course is subsequently denied equivalency. No refunds will be granted for this reason.


International Students

The registration process for international students is the same as Canadian residents. We do not have special admission requirements for international students, nor do we charge premiums on our course tuition fees.

If you need a letter of acceptance to obtain a visa for travelling to Canada, please contact us once you have registered in your course and we will provide you with this documentation.

If you require advice on the type of visa or study permit required to study in Canada, please consult with the nearest Canadian Consulate or visa office, or with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We are not permitted to offer guidance or answer questions concerning visa/permit matters. We do advise that you allow enough time to apply for a visa or permit if required and to obtain any necessary documents and permissions.


Course Auditing

Auditing is not permitted at the School of Continuing Studies. You must have registered and paid for a course in full before you can attend any classes.


Course Locations

Course locations are not released until a registration has been processed and course fees paid in full. If you have mobility issues, please contact the School at scs.accessibility@utoronto.ca and we will work with you to provide a fully accessible classroom.


Advanced Standing/Prior Learning Assessment

Advanced standing may be granted to certificate candidates whose prior experience or formal learning demonstrates that course material has been covered.

To apply for advanced standing, complete the Prior Learning Assessment Application form. Attach all supporting documents and the application fee for each course. Prior learning assessment applications are reviewed by instructors or academic Program Advisors. Processing time is approximately six weeks.

Not all certificate programs allow prior learning assessments. Please review the applicable certificate description for eligibility.

The decision reached is final: no appeals will be considered.


Course Prerequisites

Some courses require prerequisites. Check the course descriptions for details. If you believe you have the knowledge or experience to satisfy a prerequisite, please contact the School at learn@utoronto.ca to apply for permission to waive the course prerequisite.


Non-Credit/Non-Degree Courses

All courses taken at the School of Continuing Studies have the status of non-degree, non-credit at the University of Toronto. Some courses may be granted an exemption towards degree status at partnering faculties at the University of Toronto. If such arrangements are available, this information will be announced on our website.


Registration Deadline

We do not impose registration deadlines prior to course starts, unless stated in course descriptions. You may register until enrolment closes, provided space is available. Courses may fill well in advance of their starting date, so early registration is recommended.


Course Fees

Course fees are listed under individual course descriptions and do not include textbooks or additional materials, unless so indicated. Fees must be paid in full upon registration.

We do not add a premium to course fees for international students.


Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

Some courses are subject to HST, primarily those in the Arts & Science program.


Default Payment

When registering, any student who tenders a cheque, money order, bank draft or uses a Visa, MasterCard or American Express which is not honoured by their banking institution will be charged a financial penalty of $25 to their account.

If a defaulted payment is not settled within a prescribed time period, your registration may be cancelled, and/or your academic results will be suspended.

Course enrolments will not be accepted unless your account with the School is in good standing.


Course Cancellations/Postponements

Every effort is made to offer courses as listed on our website and in our publications. Courses, however, are subject to cancellation or postponement with little to no advance notice, for such reasons as insufficient enrolment, unforeseen program changes, instructor availability, or at the discretion of the School. We recommend that you enrol as early as possible to limit decisions to cancel or postpone due to insufficient enrolment.

If you register for a course that is subsequently cancelled or postponed, you may transfer to another section or another course, if space permits, or you may choose to receive a full refund of course fees paid. If you transfer to a course with a higher fee, you are responsible for paying the difference.


Course Alterations

Course details such as dates, days, times or instructors are subject to change without prior notice.

If a course is altered you may choose to transfer to another section or another course if space permits, or you may choose to receive a full refund of course fees paid. If you transfer to a course with a higher fee, you are responsible for paying the difference.


Certificate Program Alterations

The School of Continuing Studies is constantly developing and refreshing curriculum in recognition of emerging and evolving demands of today’s markets. If at any time the School recognizes that its current programming is limiting the effort to close skills/talent gaps in the marketplace, the School reserves the right to update, defer, limit or cancel certificate programs and/or replace or revise related courses (certificate requirements).

If you are enroled in a certificate program that has been cancelled or changed, we will make every effort to provide you an opportunity to complete your program within the prescribed time period. In circumstances where it is not possible to complete the program in its current form, the School will assist you to grandfather into a similar program offered by the School, or work with you to find course substitutions that will meet the certificate program’s learning outcomes.


Class Cancellation/Postponement

Classes maybe cancelled or postponed due to weather, instructor illness, or at the discretion of the School. When it is necessary to cancel or postpone a class, we will make every effort to notify all class members. It is important that you provide your daytime contact information (email and phone number) when registering.




  1. Withdrawals and transfers may be permitted if a request is received prior to the applicable deadline. A request may be made by: a. Emailing learn@utoronto.ca. Include the course number and course title, as well as the reason for withdrawal/transfer.
    1. Calling 416-978-2400 (press 1). You will be asked to provide identification information.
    2. Submitting an online request through My Access, your online student portal. If you choose this method, the request may only be submitted prior to the course start. You will receive an email confirmation of the transaction.
  2. The following actions do NOT constitute an official withdrawal:
    1. Cancelling a cheque or credit card payment.
    2. Failing to attend lectures.
    3. Advising the instructor that you will no longer attend lectures or participate in online instruction.
  3. Course withdrawals or transfers are not permitted after the noted deadlines.
  4. Course withdrawals and transfers are also subject to the return, in original condition, of any course materials that may have been issued.


Withdrawal/Transfer Deadlines

The following deadlines are for guidance purposes only and may not apply to all programs or courses. If there is a separate deadline that applies to a specific course, this deadline will be noted on your confirmation of enrolment email that is sent to you when you register. This separate deadline will supersede any deadlines listed below. 100% of the tuition fee will be refunded if the withdrawal takes place within the following deadlines. No refund will be provided after the applicable deadlines.

If you are unclear of the deadline that applies for your enroled course(s), please contact Enrolment and Learner Services by email learn@utoronto.ca or call 416-978-2400.



Full tuition may be refunded if the School receives a written notice of withdrawal before the applicable deadline. The request may be sent by email to learn@utoronto.ca.

100% of the tuition fee will be refunded if the withdrawal takes place within the following deadlines. No refund will be provided after the applicable deadlines.



Transfers will be processed if the School receives a written notice of transfer before the applicable deadline. The request may be sent by email to learn@utoronto.ca. If you transfer to a course with a higher fee, you are responsible for paying the difference.

If you are unclear of the deadline that applies for your enroled course(s), please contact Enrolment and Learner Services by emailing learn@utoronto.ca or calling 416-978-2400



Type Criteria Deadline
In-class lectures and workshops For courses that meet once or twice weekly over a period of six or more weeks Before the third meeting
In-class lectures and workshops For courses that meet once or twice weekly over a period of three to five weeks Before the second meeting
In-class lectures and workshops Two weeks in length or less – Examinations, Seminars, Symposia or Conferences Before the course/workshop/event/examination occurs
Online courses   Within 10 business days following course start
Hybrid courses   Within 10 business days following course start
English Language-Program – Full-time   Refer to the registration policies (need link) for this program.

Statutory Holidays

The School observes all statutory holidays and will not schedule classes on these days. It is a general policy that Saturday or Sunday classes that fall on a long weekend are not scheduled, but there may be some exemptions. Instructors will inform the class of scheduled holidays.


Instructor Contact Information

Your instructor will tell you the best way to communicate with him/her during the duration of the course. You will likely communicate via email or a discussion board in an online course site, if appropriate. If your instructor schedules webinars, you will be able to interact during those sessions.

If you are enroled in an in-class course that does not utilize an online course platform, your instructor may provide you with their contact information at the first class to communicate outside classroom hours. This is at their discretion. If an instructor has not agreed to release contact information, and you wish to speak with them, we will contact them on your behalf.


Recording and Reproduction of Lectures/Course Material

The unauthorized use of any form of device to audiotape, photograph, video-record or otherwise reproduce lectures, course notes or teaching materials provided by instructors are covered by the Canadian Copyright Act and is prohibited. Any learner who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions under the Code of Student Conduct. You may not record any portion of a lecture without the prior and explicit written permission of the course instructor. If you are a learner with a disability, contact scs.accessibility@utoronto.ca to register your request to record lectures.

Any recordings that may capture the image or voice of classmates must be agreed to in writing by all enroled learners.

If you are given permission to record any portion of a course:

  • Any recordings that may capture the image or voice of classmates must be agreed to in writing by all enroled learners, or deleted from the recording under the supervision of the instructor.
  • Recordings are not to be distributed without the permission of the instructor via the Internet, using social media such as Facebook, peer-to-peer file sharing such as One Drive or Dropbox, or other distribution channels.
  • Recordings are not to be shared with other classmates unless they are to be used in collaborative assignments, or if the instructor permits for other reasons.


Animals in the classroom

Service animals are welcomed at the University to accompany persons with disabilities who may require assistance.

Certified and uniformed service animals (such as a vest or harness) are permitted in classrooms. They must be kept with their owner at all times. Please notify the School if your service animal will attend class, by submitting a request to scs.accessibility@utoronto.ca

Final Grade

Final grades are released to learners who have been assessed within 60 days following course completion. If you have been awarded a final grade, you will receive an email notification directing you to access your online account (My Access) to view/print your Grade Report.

Please note that final grades cannot be released over the telephone or email.


Grade Point Average (GPA)

The School of Continuing Studies does not use a GPA system.

Academic records held by the School are not integrated into the UT ACORN/ROSI system used for degree programs. Since the systems are not linked, final grades achieved for the School’s courses will not affect your GPA for degree studies at the University of Toronto.


Grade Scale

Courses in which learners are assessed and awarded a final grade may use the following grading scheme:

  • Letter
  • Percentage
  • Pass/Fail
  • Honours/Pass/Fail
  • Complete/Incomplete

Your instructor will provide you with a course outline detailing the grade scheme, grade weighting, and passing grade scale.


Course Attendance

The School issues official letters of attendance or completion only upon request. To request a letter email learn@utoronto.ca or call 416-978-2400.

To qualify you must sign the attendance record at each class and have attained a minimum of 80% class attendance. If your course has a higher minimum attendance requirement, it will be noted on your course outline.


Grade Appeals

Term work

If you would like to question any marks given for term work, you must appeal directly with your instructor. Term work may include (but is not limited to):

  • Quizzes
  • Term tests (including mid-term examination)
  • Projects
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies
  • Blogs/websites

Term work results cannot be appealed after course completion, so it is important to discuss any questions you have about your results before your course ends.


Final Exam/Project/Assignment

Your final assessed component - which may include a final exam, final project or final assignment - cannot be discussed with your instructor once your course has ended.

If you would like to appeal your final, complete and submit the Reconsideration of Final Course Results available online and submit directly to the School as instructed on the form.

Appeals are organized into two stages, clerical check of the final grade, and re-read of the final examination/assignment/project. The clerical check must be requested and answered before an application for a re-read may be submitted.

All requests must be received within three months of the final examination/course completion period. There is a fee for this service as follows:

Clerical Check - $13 + HST

Re-Read - $36 + HST

Processing time: Up to 15 business days


Alternate Exams

If you are unable to write the final exam for any reason (e.g. medical, work conflicts, family emergencies) you may apply to write an Alternate Examination at the next exam sitting.

If you attempted the examination or received a failing grade, you cannot apply for an alternate exam.

There is a fee of $150 + HST for this service. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment must be included with your alternate examination application or it will not be considered.


Certificate Declaration and Issuance

If you have successfully completed all requirements towards your certificate program, you can apply to receive your certificate document by completing our online Certificate Request Form.

Your certificate will be issued only if final grades have been released for all of your course requirements. Do not submit an application if you are still awaiting your final grade(s).

You do not have to declare your certificate candidacy until you have satisfied all of your certificate requirements. However, if you would like to track your certificate progress in your online account (My Access), email the School at learn@utoronto.ca and state that you would like to register your candidacy. You will receive instructions on where and how to view your progress.



If you have successfully completed requirements for a micro course, you will receive a micro-credential electronically via your email on file. Your micro-credential will be issued upon release of your final grade for your micro course. The School reserves the right to make changes to the micro-credential and micro course offerings with no prior notice. Some micro-credentials may have expiration dates as course materials are subject to change over time. However, you will continue to have access to your micro-credential even after expiry. Micro-credentials will not be viewable in your online account (MyAccess) and will not be provided on paper. For further information, email the School at learn@utoronto.ca.

University of Toronto Policies

The School complies with a wide range of University of Toronto policies designed to enhance learning and respect for the individual, including policies prohibiting sexual harassment or discrimination based on sex, race, religion, or social origin. For a complete listing and description of these policies, visit Office of the Governing Council.

We have highlighted two policies below that apply to all students of the School of Continuing Studies:


Code of Student Conduct

All School of Continuing Studies learners are required to comply with the University Of Toronto Code Of Student Conduct. The University defines standards of student behaviour and makes provisions discipline with respect to conduct that jeopardizes the good order and proper functioning of the academic and non-academic programs and activities of the University or its divisions. Failure to comply with the terms of this policy may result in severe sanctions.


Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters (Academic Honesty)

Learners at the School of Continuing Studies are also required to comply with the University of Toronto Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. This Code governs all academic transgressions, including plagiarism and cheating.

Many individuals may not realize that they are committing plagiarism in their coursework. If you are using the ideas of others in your written work and are unsure if you are citing sources properly or committing a form of plagiarism please see information regarding:

  • Guidelines for properly citing your sources: ‘Writing at the University of Toronto’ website at http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/using-sources/documentation
  • Plagiarism: http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/using-sources/how-not-to-plagiarize

If you require guidance concerning any policies, practices, and procedures please contact Enrolment and Learner Services by email learn@utoronto.ca.


Viewing & Maintaining Personal Information

Updating your contact information is important so that communications and materials can reach you. All correspondence, including your fee receipts, course notifications, and grade notifications will be sent to your email address on file.

To maintain accurate student records, please update your personal information in your My Access student account. You can also notify the School of any changes to your address, telephone number or email address by calling 416-978-2400 You will be asked to verify your identity. Changes to your name must be requested in writing and accompanied by official documentation.


Learner Concerns and Issues

Enrolment and Learner Services is a resource for learners seeking assistance in resolving a course-related issue or wishing to express a concern. To speak with a representative call 416-978-2400 or send an email to learn@utoronto.ca. Provide a description of your concern and be sure to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Daytime phone number (including area code) and email address if different from the reply-to address
  • Course code and name
  • Instructor name
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