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Why Choose U of T?

The School of Continuing Studies has been providing English language programming for over 45 years. We proudly provide  recognized pathways to meeting the English language facility requirement for entry into the University of Toronto and some other colleges and universities in Canada. In fact, many successful English Language Program students have continued their studies at the University of Toronto.

We also offer business communication courses and customized training to a wide range of organizations both within and outside of Canada.  

In addition to the English Language Program, the School of Continuing Studies offers an extensive selection of courses, programs, and certificates across a broad range of fields that help learners succeed in the workplace, satisfy their curiosities, fulfill their passions and live their best lives.

Our Programs

Designed by experts to help you reach your English language learning goals
Online English Programs

In 2020, transferred all of our programs to an online format.  Now you can choose the online or in-person learning experience that works best for you or your organization.

Choose from:

  • Academic English
  • English for Effective Communication
  • English for Business Communication
  • Academic English Level 60 for Conditional Acceptance
  • Customized online programs
English for Academic Purposes

Do you want to improve your prospects for admission to the University of Toronto or other English-language universities or colleges and build your confidence for success once you are enrolled? Or, have you been conditionally accepted to a degree program at the University of Toronto? If the answer is yes to either question, we have a program for you.

English for Academic Purposes
English for General and Professional Purposes

With an emphasis on building your speaking and listening skills, our courses  will support you to feel more confident when communicating and interacting in English. Our programs provide opportunities to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills by participating in theme-based activities that are relevant to you.

Customized Programs for Groups

We recognize all organizations and teams have their own strengths and areas to grow and we understand there is no such thing as “one size fits all.”  Create your own program by selecting from our credential assessment services, career services, and over 800 courses and incorporate English and other areas of expertise to build a program that is uniquely yours. Note: this service is for groups with a minimum of 15 learners

Customized Programs for Groups
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