Canadian Culture


Canada is a huge country. Located in North America, our country extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. The United States borders Canada to the south, and the Arctic Ocean is our boundary to the north. Canada is celebrated for its spectacular wilderness and wildlife.

A multicultural nation, Canadians are world-famous for being friendly, helpful and welcoming. Our cities, such as Toronto, are vibrant and full of interesting landmarks and attractions.

Canada at a Glance
  • Second-largest country (by area) in the world
  • Home to 10 provinces and three territories
  • Population of 36 million
  • Capital city is Ottawa
  • Official languages are English and French
  • +1 is the telephone calling code

Toronto is a great home base for exploring Ontario, Canada and the United States. Excellent transportation connections make it possible to spend the weekend visiting incredible Niagara Falls, skiing at a winter resort, or camping in the Algonquin Park wilderness. It is also easy to visit Montreal and Ottawa, or travel to New York City or Chicago in the United States.

Want to know more about living in Canada, its climate and what you will need?  The University of Toronto provides a lot of useful information about living and studying in Toronto, Canada. You can also visit the EduCanada website for more information.  

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