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At the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (SCS), we’re here for those willing to take a chance, to connect, to put themselves out there in the name of betterment of themselves and their communities. Whether you are learning for passion, profession, possibility, or progress, we’re here to help you journey forward.

Your Greatness tomorrow starts today

Our Business and Professional courses are market driven and consistently evolve to reflect emerging trends, new technologies, and industry best practices. These courses offer leading-edge curriculum taught by passionate industry experts. We also work with exceptional partners and professional associations to enhance your learning journey.

Our Arts, Science, and Humanities courses are designed to expand your horizons, at any stage of life. Let us help you unleash your creative potential.


We are an open-enrolment, non-credit school, and welcome a wide range of learners with diverse educational and work experiences. The richness and diversity of our learners is what sets our courses apart. Not only will you learn from your instructor, you will learn from your peers. Together, you will reach your full potential.


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