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» Surety Association of Canada (SAC)

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Surety Association of Canada (SAC)

Associateship in Canadian Surety Bonding (A.C.S.B. designation)

The Surety Association of Canada (SAC) began in 1992 and is the national trade advocacy association that represents the interests of the surety industry across Canada. SAC’s more than 80 member firms consist of primary surety firms, surety reinsurers, surety/insurance brokers, and other organizations that provide related and complementary services to the surety industry. SAC is incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.

While the majority of the surety industry’s premium revenue is derived from construction contract bonds, SAC also represents the interests of those organizations that focus on non-contract or commercial surety.  SAC does not represent or advocate on behalf of the fidelity bond industry. Since its formation in 1992, SAC has become a trusted resource for construction purchasers, design professionals, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders in construction and business communities. SAC has developed its own bond forms in response to industry need and in consultation with the construction industry.  SAC and its members regularly meet with owners, contractors, other associations and related organizations to educate them about surety bonds and the suretyship process.  SAC also monitors legislation across the country that will impact its members and works diligently to advance the surety cause with lawmakers and government officials.

SAC has an exclusive arrangement with the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies to provide courses for the Associateship in Canadian Surety Bonding.

Associateship in Canadian Surety Bonding (A.C.S.B. designation)
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Recognized Courses
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies


The program examines surety bonds and the suretyship process in some detail and was designed as a learning vehicle for students who plan on embarking on a career in the surety industry.  It is not intended for individuals in other disciplines or industries who seek a basic knowledge of the fundamentals. For those individuals, please visit the Surety Association of Canada Online Learning Centre.


Complete six courses, four core courses and two elective courses.

Complete the Application

Application Associateship of Canadian Surety Bonding (A.C.S.B.) Program

Core Courses (4)
0933 Principles of Suretyship (must be taken first)              
0984 Accounting: The Fundamentals*    
0935 Construction and Surety Law           
0934 Contract Surety              
*Students can apply for an exemption from Accounting: The Fundamentals by submitting a certified transcript from an accredited post-secondary educational institution where they successfully completed an equivalent course.  This should be submitted at the time of registration in the program.

Elective Courses  (choose 2)
2752 Business Analysis Tools & Techniques for Financial Services        
0973 Business Law    
0977 Business Management
0974 Business Strategy                    
0980 Economics: Introduction              
0982 Financial Accounting & Analysis (Intermediate)  
3404 Intermediate Financial Accounting 1         
3405 Intermediate Financial Accounting 2         
0914 Financial Accounting (Advanced)   
0976 Financial Management  
2750 Foundations in Business Analysis for Financial Services           
2382 Leadership in Business Analysis         
2751 Leadership in Business Analysis for Financial Services             
0983 Management Accounting
0915 Management Accounting (Advanced)            
0978 Marketing (An Introduction)             
0988 Organizational Behaviour                     
0985 Risk Control                               
2921 Risk Management (The Foundations of)
0986 Risk Financing
0975 Taxation for Canadian Business         
3213: Business Writing (NEW)
1348 Writing (The Business Approach to)
(SCS 1348 will be phased out after the spring 2017 semester)

December 2016
Disclaimer: The Association/Institute may offer certifications in addition to the one(s) identified. The University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies is committed to providing current and accurate information about the requirements to earn the certification(s) identified. Contact the Association to confirm your personal pathway to the certification, based on your education and professional experience.