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» Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI)

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Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI)

Canadian Risk Management (CRM)
RIMS Fellow (RF)

News – Important Update

Immediate Attention Required.

April 30, 2017 deadline. If you are completing the CRM designation under the old process (Process A) please create an online profile here and mail official copies of your transcripts to GRMI with the $100.00 CAD verification processing(cheque or money order) payable to: GRMI, 5 Bryant Park, 13 Floor, New York, NY 10018

GRMI/CRM Designation Changes

As of December 31, 2016, Learners who are working toward the CRM designation are required to complete three standardized final exams. These exams are administered by GRMI; registration and payment are handled by Risk Management Society (RIMS).

About the Global Risk Management Institute & the Risk and Insurance Management Society Inc.

The Global Risk Management Institute, Inc. (GRMI) is the institute, affiliated with the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc., that issues the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation and is the alumni association for individuals who hold the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) or RIMS Fellow (RF) designations.

The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management. Founded in 1950, RIMS represents nearly 4,000 industrial, service, non-profit, charitable and governmental entities. The Society serves more than 10,700 risk management professionals around the world.

Why should you earn your CRM?

The Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation is a widely recognized qualification that provides risk managers a foundation of knowledge and skills needed to identify, assess, monitor and limit risks. The CRM is recognized by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) and awarded by the Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI).

Association’s Requirements for Designation
  1. Create an online profile with the Risk Management Society (RIMS).
  2. Enrol in and complete the following three Risk Management Certificate courses.
    GRMI Requirement GRMI Approved School of Continuing Studies Course
    Risk Management Principles and Practices SCS 2921 The Foundations of Risk Management (formerly SCS 0981 Risk Assessment)
    Risk Assessment and Treatment SCS 0985 Risk Control
    Risk Financing SCS 0986 Risk Financing
  3. Access your CRM registration page, select the GRMI-administered standardized final exams. Submit your processing fee (USD) for each of the three exams online by credit card.
  4. GRMI will issue Prometric testing center location options and access instructions via email.
  5. Using the access code that you have received from GRMI into the Prometric testing site, select an exam date, time and location.
    • You do not need to wait until the completion of the course to arrange for access to the standardized exam
  6. After you have completed all three courses and exams, submit a transcript to GRMI to be awarded your CRM designation.

It may take up to six weeks to process the CRM designation completion certificate.

Maintaining/Renewing the CRM designation
Once the CRM designation is granted, CRM holders must maintain their credentialed membership with the Global Risk Management Institute, Inc. (GRMI) by paying a U.S. $50 annual renewal fee. CRM holders will receive an invoice from GRMI annually. If an active CRM holder attends a RIMS Workshop to expand their knowledge, they may request a U.S. $100 rebate after completing a workshop.
Association’s Requirements for Certifications
The RIMS Fellow (RF) credential builds on the three course CRM designation. The RIMS Fellow has completed an established risk management program, continually updates their industry knowledge, contributes to the profession and demonstrates a high level of ethical behaviour.

To earn the The RIMS Fellow (RF) credential, building on the three course CRM designation (courses noted above) the following is also required:

  • 5 year’s industry experience
  • A business administration degree or four foundation courses in business are required.
  • Take twelve days of RIMS Workshops (with a maximum of 4 online courses permitted)
The following University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Courses can be taken to fulfil the requirement of taking four foundation courses to become a RIMS Fellow:
Choose two additional courses selected from the following approved course list:

For more information about the RIMS Fellow (RF) designation, visit www.RIMS.org/RF

Maintaining/Renewing RF
  • In order to maintain the RF Designation, membership in the Global Risk Management Institute, Inc. (GRMI) must remain current.
  • Obtain  RIMS Fellow Credits (RF Credits) by attending two days of RIMS Fellow Workshops every two years
  • Obtain 20 Professional Development Components (PDC’s) every two years which can be accumulated by engaging in the following activities
  • Chapter Meetings
  • Regional RIMS, CRIMS or RIMS Annual Conferences
  • Teaching a one semester course
  • Publishing an article
  • Serving on a RIMS or Chapter Committee/task force/council/board for one year
  • Risk Management Speaking Engagement
  • Seminars
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Courses in Business and Professional Studies may be submitted for consideration as seminars or other professional development activities towards the accumulation of Professional Development Components (PDC’s) Points.
  • Other activities may be submitted for consideration.

Updated: January 2017

The Association may offer designations in addition to the one(s) identified. The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies is committed to providing current and accurate information about the requirements of the Association leading to the designation(s) identified. Given that everyone has a unique combination of education and professional experience, contact the Association directly to confirm your pathway to the designation.