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» Credit Institute of Canada (CIC)

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Credit Institute of Canada (CIC)

Certified Credit Professional (CCP)

About the Credit Institute of Canada
  • The Credit Institute of Canada was created by a special Act of Parliament on June 11, 1928 and is the only organization that grants official designations to professionals in the Canadian credit field. The mission of the Credit Institute of Canada (CIC) is to promote the importance of professionally trained credit management staff and the benefits to the organizations which employ them.
  • The Certified Credit Professional (CCP) program is structured to ensure graduates are knowledgeable in all areas of credit management. Graduates are qualified to manage a credit department in the following industries: consumer, construction, mercantile and international. Please see more benefits of becoming a CCP
Association’s Requirements for Certifications
In order to qualify for the CCP designation, candidates need to:
1. Meet the following education requirements:

A. Take four CIC Courses in:
i. Credit Management (CR1)
ii. Advanced Credit Management (CR2)
iii. Managing Credit with Information Technology (CR3)
iv. Canadian Credit Law (CL1)

B. Take four additional courses in the following topics: The following University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Courses can be taken to fulfil the additional courses requirement:
Financial accounting SCS 0984 Accounting: The Fundamentals
Corporate finance SCS 0976 Financial Management
Economics SCS 0980 Economics, Introductory
Business communications SCS 1348 The Business Approach to Writing
2. Demonstrate five or more years credit work experience
3. Become a member of the Credit Institute of Canada
4. Adhere to the CIC Code of Ethics

Updated: March 2015

The Association may offer designations in addition to the one(s) identified. The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies is committed to providing current and accurate information about the requirements of the Association leading to the designation(s) identified. Given that everyone has a unique combination of education and professional experience, contact the Association directly to confirm your pathway to the designation.