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» Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV)

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Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV)

Chartered Business Valuator (CBV)

About The Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV)

The CICBV is nationally recognized as the pre-eminent business valuation organization in Canada. The CICBV is the professional association that delivers an educational program in business valuation, accredits individuals with the Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) designation, and establishes practice standards and ethical guidelines which promote the integrity of the CBV profession in Canada. The CICBV’s members and registered students are located across Canada and internationally.

CBVs practice in the areas of business valuation, litigation support, mergers and acquisitions, valuation for financial reporting, private equity, and corporate finance. CBVs are employed in a wide variety of businesses, including public accounting firms, valuation firms, venture capital/private equity/investment firms, financial institutions, and public and private companies. CBVs quantify the value of a business, its securities, or its intangible assets by combining technical know-how with real-life practical experiences and exceptional communication skills.

Chartered Business Professional (CBV) Designation Requirements Recognized University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Courses
To earn the CBV designation, complete the following requirements:

  1. Complete the Program of Studies – 6 courses in total:Mandatory courses:
    • Level I – Introductory Business Valuation
    • Level II – Intermediate Business Valuation
    • Level III – Advanced Business Valuation
    • Level IV – Special Topics in Business Valuation


  2. Elective courses (2 required):
    • Litigation Support in Business Valuation
    • Private Company Finance
    • Introduction to Valuation For Financial Reporting
    • Private Investments


  3. Pass the Membership Qualification Examination (MQE):
    Four-hour comprehensive exam held each year in September.
  4. Complete the necessary business valuation experience:
    1,500 hours of suitable experience in the field of business valuation is required

SCS 3109 Foundations of Business Valuation

  • Receive an exemption from CICBV for Level I – Introductory Business Valuation when you successfully complete this course achieving a minimum passing grade of 60%. Provide the CICBV with a School of Continuing Studies transcript.

Updated: January 2016

Disclaimer: The Association/Institute may offer certifications in addition to the one(s) identified. The University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies is committed to providing current and accurate information about the requirements to earn the certification(s) identified. Contact the Association to confirm your personal pathway to the certification, based on your education and professional experience.