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» Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP)

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Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP)

Qualified Administrative Assistant (QAA)

    About the Association of Administrative Professionals
  • There are 769 Qualified Administrative Assistants (QAA) in Canada as of January 2016
  • The Association of Administrative Professionals (AAA) is a Canadian chartered non-profit professional organization founded in April 1951. The Association is proactive in encouraging its members to further their education and enhance their career opportunities by continuously upgrading their skills and professionalism. Association members are encouraged to obtain the Qualified Administrative Assistant (QAA) designation. The Qualified Administrative Assistant Program consists of three compulsory courses and four elective courses offered at eighteen postsecondary institutions across Canada. The first graduating class was in May 1960.
  • Accreditation Updates/Insights
  • Students who enrol in the QAA program, upon their graduation and obtaining QAA status, must complete a certification renewal process every three years.
Association’s Requirements for Designation
In order to apply for the QAA designation, candidates must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Have an AAA membership for at least one year
  2. Enrol in the QAA program
  3. Provide verification from a person in a management position that you posses a minimum of two years’ work experience in an administrative role and possess a good balance of the Administrative Assistant’s core competencies which are covered in the following areas of expertise: Business Management, Technology, Leadership/ Organizational Skills, and Communications/Interpersonal Skills
  4. Complete three compulsory courses and four electives within seven years  in the following topics:
Compulsory Courses: Recognized University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Courses
Supervision/Management Studies SCS 0977 Business Management
SCS 2089 Managing People Essentials
SCS 2242 Managing People Advanced
Business English SCS 3213: Business Writing (NEW)
SCS 1348 The Business Approach to Writing (SCS 1348 will be phased out after the spring 2017 semester)
SCS 1241 Effective Communication and Negotiation
SCS 3095 A Grammar Handbook
Organizational Behaviour SCS 0988 Organizational Behaviour

5. Complete four elective courses in the following topics

Elective Courses
Candidates must complete four compulsory from:
Recognized University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Courses
Financial Accounting SCS 0984 Accounting: The Fundamentals
SCS 2079 Understanding Financial Statements
SCS 2081 The Budgeting Process
Business or Commercial Law SCS 0973 Business Law
SCS 2355 Understanding & Managing Conflict
SCS 2705 Conflict Management Skills
Economics SCS 0980 Economics, Introductory
Human Resources Management SCS 0987 Human Resources Management
Marketing SCS 0978 Marketing: An Introduction
Project Management SCS 1860 Foundations of Project Management
Public Relations SCS 3033 Foundations of Strategic Relations
Psychology SCS 1841 The Psychology of Influence
Statistics SCS 0081 Quantitative Methods for Business Management
Event Management
Computer Technology
Social Media
Website Design/Management
Association’s Requirements to Renew Designation Recognized University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Courses
QAAs must complete a certification renewal process every three years, based on a point system. Points are awarded for completing professional development programs; attending national board meetings; mentorship within the association; and more. A total of 40 Professional Development Points (PDP) must be accumulated. For more information please visit http://www.aaa.ca/pdf/qaa_renewal_application_e.pdf Please contact the AAA National-Director Registrar for more details registrar@aaa.ca SCS Business and Professional Studies courses may be submitted for consideration towards the accumulation of Professional Development Points (PDP).
Please contact the AAA National-Director Registrar for more details at registrar@aaa.ca

Updated: March 2017

The Association may offer designations in addition to the one(s) identified. The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies is committed to providing current and accurate information about the requirements of the Association leading to the designation(s) identified. Given that everyone has a unique combination of education and professional experience, contact the Association directly to confirm your pathway to the designation.