Micro Courses

Facing changes in the workforce takes courage and the willingness to evolve.

How can you step up and get ahead of these shifts?  

Let us give you the tools to thrive with our new Micro courses. Micro courses are short, compact learning solutions so you can develop specific competencies, fast. They are condensed adaptations of  proven full-length courses, and can lead to full SCS certificates if you choose to go that path. 

You may also want to check out funding opportunities available on our Financial Assistance page. In addition, the federal government’s Budget 2019 announced a new Canada Training Credit that can be applied against fees for courses taken in 2020. Micro courses are offered at a reduced cost, and SCS is the first university in Canada to provide a new learning opportunity built to specifically complement the Canada Training Credit. 

Check out our affordable Micro courses, and accelerate your learning journey.

What are micro courses?

Micro courses are a shorter adaptation of a proven full-length course offered at SCS, created by our expert course developers. 

Why is SCS offering them?

We are committed to giving you more learning options that are flexible, stackable, accessible and responsive to what you have told us you want and need. Micro courses will allow us to break down barriers and attract new learners to our courses and certificate programs.  Take what you need to get the skills you need now – and if you choose to, you can build upon the courses with other micros courses or full-length courses to earn a certificate. 

How many courses are available?

We will be offering 24 micro-courses in early 2020. Of the 24 courses, 19 will be offered online. All of them are open for enrolment now. For more information about the courses currently being offered, please visit our micro course page here.

What differentiates our micro courses?

Offered only at SCS, each course has been structured to include specific skills and competencies. Assessments have been redesigned to align with specific modular content. All micro courses are instructor led, whether they are in-class or online, so learners can be confident to have a supportive and informative course experience. 

What makes these courses “stackable?” 

Each course can be layered – or stacked – with other micro courses to be equivalent to a single full-length course.  Why is this innovative? Because a series of micro-courses plus full-length courses may meet SCS certificate requirements. 

How are micro courses flexible and accessible to meet the demands of your busy life?

Each course is short – not accelerated – and is up to six weeks in duration. We intend to schedule them more frequently and break down the barrier of waiting for a term to start to initiate learning. Over half of the micro courses are online and they are competitively priced. 

What does open enrolment mean?

Micro courses are specifically for professionals who would like to develop a specific set of skills or competencies within in a short period of time. All micro courses are open to everyone and there are no prerequisites or “application” requirements.  See something you like? Register and get learning!

Why are micro courses uniquely SCS?

We are one of the first Canadian university continuing education units to offer micro courses.

What is the price range for micro courses?

The price range will be from $500 to $600. Some existing courses may also qualify as “micro courses” and may be offered at a slightly elevated price point due to content and instructional specialities. 

Is there any funding to help?

Yes! Be sure to take a look at our Financial Assistance web page for more information.

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