How to Create a Professional Development Plan


A professional development plan can help you reach your career goals sooner

Whether you are just starting your career or well on your way, determining the next step in your career path can be overwhelming. Having specific goals and a professional development plan in place can make the way forward clear and help you get to where you want to be.  

Here is a six-step template to help you take a methodical approach to achieving your career goals. 


1. Self-assessment (list your current role, your interests and motivations, your professional strengths and strengths you would like to develop or improve) 


2. Goals (what role/salary or other specific career goal are you hoping to achieve based on your skills, interests and motivations)


3. What skills, credentials and relationships do you need to foster to achieve these goals?  


4. Strategy (list steps you will take to develop these skills, credentials and relationships) 


5. Timeline (assign deadlines to your goals and dates to your strategy steps)


6. Assess your progress and revise as needed 


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