10 Resolutions SCS Can Help You Keep in 2022

10 Resolutions SCS Can Help You Keep in 2022

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Start the Year with a renewed commitment to lifelong learning at SCS.

We know that most New years resolutions are abandoned by the end of February. But if you’re determined to pursue a goal from the list below in 2022, committing to an SCS course could be the key to staying motivated and accountable. And if resolutions aren’t your thing, it’s still great to explore new opportunities! Check out how lifelong learning at SCS can help you bust through blocks, embrace new possibilities, and meet your goals.

1. Learn a language

Whether you’re starting from scratch and looking to master the basics of a new language, or you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, our expert language instructors are ready to help you open a whole new world of communication. You can find information about our language courses here.

2. Become a better leader

If your aspirations for 2022 include transitioning to a management position, or simply becoming a more effective leader, our management and leadership courses can help you identify and develop the skills and characteristics of a successful leader. 

3. Start (or finish) your novel

If this is the year you’re determined to finally get your brilliant idea down on paper, connect with the supportive instructors and community of writers in our creative writing courses to help you find the perfect words to bring your story to life. 

4. Grow your Marketing skills 

As the world and technology have rapidly evolved over the past decade, so have effective marketing strategies and techniques. If it’s time for you to update your skills and learn new strategies, our dedicated marketing, communications and pr instructors can help you thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

5. Brush up on your knowledge of history

If your knowledge of history is starting to feel ancient, let our passionate and knowledgeable instructors refresh your memory or introduce you to fascinating parts of history you’ve never explored

6. Formalize your project management skills 

Whether you are new to project management or simply want to improve and bolster your existing skills with a certificate or designation, now is the time to check out our suite of project management courses and certificates. 

7. Pass the CFA 

If you’re determined to achieve your Chartered Financial Analyst designation but overwhelmed at the thought of the exams that stand between you and the CFA, this is the year to take advantage of instructor Michael Hlinka’s expertise, and prepare for whichever level you’re aiming for with our Passing the CFA test preparation courses. 

8. Launch your product or service 

The dream of successful entrepreneurship could be closer than you think! Whether you’ve already launched your start-up, or you’re getting ready to unveil a brand new product, our entrepreneurship courses and workshops can support you as you establish, grow, and maintain a sustainable business.

9. Become more mindful 

If your goal this year is to seek more discipline, tolerance, calmness, and mental clarity, the courses and certificates in our mindfulness program can help. 

10. Bring out the best in your team

Organizations with strong learning cultures support their team’s growth and are more likely to see gains in areas that positively impact their business. This year, invest in your team and unleash their full potential with the help of our corporate and organizational training program

If you’re still establishing your goals for 2022, or not quite sure where to begin, don’t forget to sign up for the SCS Knowledge Hub to gain access to free educational content and webinars and get inspired to take the next step in your lifelong learning journey!