Corporate and Organizational Training

Invest in your team, and unleash their full potential. Our Corporate Training program helps organizations from around the globe upskill and prepare their employees through innovative solutions that achieve results.

Stay on the leading edge

As a social enterprise and learning organization, we understand industry. We are tuned into the challenges and skill gaps that your organization, and organizational leaders, face today – and will face tomorrow. To develop leading-edge solutions, we employ ongoing review processes, market-research practices, consult with industry professionals, maintain association partnerships, and actively listen to our learners and clients.  

Discover your team's greatness

Organizations with strong learning cultures support their team’s growth and are more likely to see gains in areas that positively impact their business. These organizations are:

  • 94% more likely to retain employees longer
  • 58% more likely to possess skills that meet future demand
  • 32% more likely to be first to market 

Take a bold step forward, and equip your employees with the latest industry standards, practices, and in-demand skills. By increasing their performance and engagement, your overall productivity and customer satisfaction will greatly improve. 

Contact us with your areas of interest and receive a curated selection of open enrolment workshops, courses, and programs


Solutions as unique as you
We understand that your organization is dynamic, your stakeholders are unique, and that development and training options need to reflect this diversity. Get started by learning more about our range of options, then contact us for more information.

  • Cost-effective and impactful, your individual team members learn from expert instructors alongside other professionals, benefitting from their experience
  • Practical and applicable, your team members can immediately apply their new knowledge 
  • Specific to holistic, select from just-in-time workshops to comprehensive certificate programs
  • Contact us with your areas of interest and receive a curated selection of open enrolment workshops, courses, and programs

*Most offerings available fully online or at one of our three University of Toronto campus locations. Onsite delivery may be available for groups of 10+. 

  • Return on Investment. Explore a combination of training options to suit your small group, departmental or enterprise learning development needs
  • Work with us to select specific training solutions or develop curated catalogues for your organization
  • Volume-based discounts and multiple billing options are available

Collaborate with our learning design, subject matter expert and management teams to assess and develop a learning solution that fits your organization's unique needs. Contact us.