SCS Helps Project Manager Earn Certification

SCS Helps Project Manager Earn Certification

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“These are real-life tools and ideas that I now use on a daily basis, and I’m proud to have earned the PMP certification.” - Ana-Maria Perez, SCS Learner

“My goal for 2021 was to become a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®),” reflects Ana-Maria Perez. “But I wasn’t sure where exactly to start. That’s why I came to the School of Continuing Studies to help me prepare.” Ana-Maria, who has worked in the banking and financial sectors for over 15 years, found that much of her work was project-based. She took the initiative to expand her project management abilities through continuing education opportunities, and decided that earning her PMP would be a great way to showcase and solidify her skillset.

“I really enjoy project-based work, because every day is different. I don’t want predictable challenges day in and day out, which is why I’m so drawn to diverse projects. I was eager to earn my PMP, but as a working parent I was unsure if I would be able to find adequate study time and pass the exam,” recalls Ana-Maria. “When COVID hit, things were of course horrible. But this pause gave me the opportunity (and extra time) to buckle down and pursue my PMP. I knew I would need help, and came across the PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Prep course, and started it in March 2021.”

Ana-Maria’s online instructor, Peter Monkhouse, took the class through a multitude of examples and prep questions. “Peter organized the content in a way that made things simple for me. The exam definitely felt intimidating; it’s four hours long, and I hadn’t written a test or done formal schooling in years! But Peter was the guide I needed, and helped me feel confident going into the exam,” says Ana-Maria. “The online classes were interactive, and I had lots of opportunities to ask questions. I was still working full-time, so these classes kept me on-track with my study and my motivation.”

After completing the prep course, Ana-Maria wanted to write the PMP exam right away while the information was fresh in her head. “I wrote the exam almost immediately after completing the SCS course, and passed on my first attempt! Right after receiving the news that I passed, I emailed Peter to let him know, and thank him for helping me go beyond the textbook with real-life examples, so I wasn’t just memorizing, but really digesting and understanding the content,” recalls Ana-Maria. “While I’m not a formal project manager, this certification has made me more marketable, and it’s now easier for me to showcase my abilities on paper. This course really expanded my understanding of what project management is and its scope; earlier in my career, I was hesitant to delve deep into project management for fear of being limited to this area. However, Peter really helped me see how strategic project management is, and together we explored areas of it that I was not aware of. These are real-life tools and ideas that I now use on a daily basis, and I’m proud to have earned the PMP certification.”

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