Five Reasons to Have Your Educational Credentials Assessed in Canada

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This World Accreditation Day, here are five reasons to consider having your credentials assessed in Canada.

June 9th is World Accreditation Day. Established in 2010, the day aims to highlight the value of credential assessment and accreditation for individuals and for the global community.

Credential assessment in Canada is the process of evaluating foreign educational and professional credentials to determine their equivalency to Canadian standards.

For communities, accreditation means they can benefit from the skills newcomers to Canada developed in their former countries. For newcomers, accreditation can help them get one step closer to their career and learning goals in Canada.

This year’s theme, Accreditation: Supporting the Future of Global Trade, also focuses on how accreditation supports several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Wondering how accreditation could help you reach your goals? Here are five reasons to have your educational credentials assessed in Canada:

1.    Job opportunities: Many employers in Canada require a credential assessment to ensure that their employees have the necessary qualifications and skills for the job.

2.    Educational opportunities: Credential assessment can help you gain admission to Canadian universities and colleges.

3.    Immigration: Credential assessment is often required for immigration to Canada, particularly for Express Entry programs.

4.    Social integration: Having your credentials assessed can help you integrate into Canadian society and identify new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

5.    Professional Licensing: Credential assessment can help you to gain a professional license to work in a regulated profession, such as nursing is some provinces, in Canada.

If you’re looking for financial assistance to have your credentials assessed, Windmill Microlending can help. Windmill Microlending is Canada’s only national charity offering affordable loans to skilled immigrants and refugees. Their microloans help clients pay for the costs of accreditation, training and career development.

And, when you’re ready to have your credentials assessed, the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Comparative Education Service is here to help you reach your educational and career goals in Canada.

The Comparative Education Service (CES) was established in 1967 and is Canada’s only university-based academic credential assessment agency. We are trusted by employers and professional agencies throughout Canada, and our assessment reports are recognized throughout Canada and beyond. CES also supports clients’ continuous learning with a special offer — a one-time $200 tuition discount — that can be applied towards one of hundreds of courses and certificate programs available at the School of Continuing Studies.  

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