ECA for Agri-food Immigration Pilot Program

The Agri-Food Immigration Pilot is a new federal immigration program for farm and food workers employed in year-round occupations.

The Comparative Education Service has been designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to conduct educational credential assessments for the purposes of this pilot program.

We are accepting applications for this new stream as of March 1st, 2020.


Please review our Application Instructions

and submit your application through the link below



How can I apply for the AF ECA?

CES has created a simplified process for you to submit your AF ECA application;

Please review our Application Instructions and visit CES ECA for Immigration Programs to start your online application.

What does CES provide?

CES assesses academic credentials that range from High School diplomas to postsecondary diplomas and degrees and conducts a review of their recognition and comparability. 

Once CES receives your online application, supporting documents (both from you and your academic institution), and payment, we will process your application and provide an ECA Report that reflects the authenticity of your educational documents and the academic level of your credential in the Canadian context.

Who is eligible?

Prospective applicants for the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot may apply for the CES Agri-Food application stream. Please note that your Agri-Food ECA Report cannot be used for other immigration purposes.

What is the processing time?

The processing time of Agri-food applications aligns with the Immigration stream processing time. Please refer to our Processing Time for more details. 

How is the AF stream different from the regular immigration ECA?

The AF ECA is similar to the regular immigration ECA, but includes two distinctive characteristics:

  • Reference Number: The ECA reference number will identify your Report as pertaining to the Agri-Food stream;
  • Assessment Outcome: If the academic level of your credential is below the equivalent of completion of secondary education in Canada, your AF ECA Report will specify if you have nonetheless completed secondary education / high school in your country of education.
What are the associated fees?

The application fee for an AF ECA is $210 per credential.

If you require a duplicate copy of the ECA report, a service fee of $30 plus 13% HST ($32.77) per copy applies. 

Please note that CES offers two dispatch options for ECA packages: pick-up and courier service.

For a complete list of application, services and delivery charges, please visit

My country of education is not listed in your checklist. What should I do?

Please contact CES by email at

I am an employer / professional association / prospective applicant and I have more questions. Whom may I contact?

Please contact CES by email at

Where can I find more information about immigration requirements and eligibility?

Please visit the IRCC website at:

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