Step 4 - Request Official Academic Records

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After completing your online application you must provide CES with your official academic record.

Your official academic record (transcript) must be;

  • Sent directly to CES office by the awarding institution, in an institution-sealed envelope 


  • You can forward the institution-sealed envelope to our office if the institution releases the official/verified academic records/transcript to you

If your institution offers official electronic transcripts, we invite you to select this option to minimize any delays. Please contact your academic institution to request that they send your academic documents to us directly to The electronic transcript must be sent via an institutional email address belonging to the appropriate office/department/unit that is in charge of academic document issuance or verification. Please ensure to check the country specific document requirement for your country of education before your request the official academic record.

  • CES does not accept official documents attested by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan by email.
  • If you obtained your education in China, please follow the document requirements for China in the COUNTRY SPECIFIC ACADEMIC DOCUMENT TOOL
  • If you are applying for a course-by-course assessment, please request the grading system/scale from your study period to be included in your official academic record. If this information is not included in your official academic record and CES is unable to provide a Course-by-Course assessment report due to insufficient grading details, a Document-by-Document report will be issued, and no refund can be provided. 

Remarks: Please ensure you check the country specific document requirement. If you obtained education in Pakistan and China, please follow the special instructions regarding the official academic records. 

Please note that you are responsible for any and all fees related to the delivery of your academic records to our CES team. If your institution sends your documents by courier, please ensure they state that the package contains documents/transcripts and do not include a custom value on the waybill as that may lead to additional delivery charges. 

It is your responsibility to make these arrangements with your awarding institution. CES cannot order these documents on your behalf.

  • Official documents must be signed, stamped, and dated by the officials (Registrar, Controller of Examination) of the awarding institution
  • Plain photocopies are not acceptable for this requirement
  • Transcripts must be in a sealed institution envelope with an institution stamp, a seal, or a signature over the back flap
  • Please do not include your resume, work experience, the curriculum of the program, character certificate, or biographies in your official institutional documents 
  • CES only reviews official institutional documents pertaining to the academic credential(s) listed in your online application
  • Please only request the official institutional documents (e.g. official academic record, official transcript, verified transcript, etc) after your online application is submitted and all fees are paid. 
  • Official institutional documents received prior to the submission of an online application will not be processed until all fees are paid and an online application is received by our office. This will incur delays in your application processing. 
  • CES uses your full name and your CES Student Number to match your official institutional documents to your submitted online application. Without the CES Student Number, any variation of your name may cause your official institutional documents not to be matched to your application. 

Please reference the student number issued to you by CES. Instructions on where to find your CES student number can be found here.

Official academic records should be sent to the following address: 

Student No: X______________________
Comparative Education Service
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
158 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2V8

  • All documents mentioned in Step 2 that are not in English or French must be accompanied with official translation done by a certified professional translator 
  • Official translation must clearly identify the translator 
  • Translation provided by the educational institution is acceptable 
  • Official Academic Record does not require an English or French translation

You can find the Student Number in your application receipt under your name and address. Please find a sample receipt below. The Student Number is circled in red. 



Alternatively, you can find your Student Number when you log into My Access, our online application portal. Please see below.

My Access Login


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