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Holiday Closure Notice

As part of the University of Toronto, the Comparative Education Service (CES) will be closed for the holiday season from Saturday, December 22, 2018 to Sunday, January 6, 2019 (inclusive).  This closure period is not included in the estimated processing time published on our processing times page. The ECA online application is still open during the closure period, but the submitted applications will only be reviewed in the order they are received, starting from January 7, 2019.

Normal office hours will resume on Monday, January 7, 2019.  We will respond to email inquiries as quickly as possible upon our return.


Potential Postal Service Delay (only applicable to regular domestic and international mail):

Due to a recent service disruption of Canada Post, regular mail (both domestic and international) delivery continues to experience delays. Mail will continue to be delivered but there will be lengthy delays. Courier service is not affected.

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Upcoming Closures December 21, 2018: A CES Consultant will be available in person from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm only.

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Terms Definition
Academic credential An academic credential represents the completion of a program of study at an academic institution. Examples of academic credentials include degrees, diplomas, and certificates.
Academic credential assessment An academic credential assessment is a process that compares an individual's authenticated academic credential(s) to Canadian equivalency. It is advisory in nature and represents the best practice of the credential assessment agency.
Official Academic Records/transcript Official academic records (transcripts, mark sheets, or statements of marks) are documents showing all courses taken and grades obtained by the student, in a sealed envelope, directly to the CES office by the issuing educational institution. The document must bear the fresh seal of the institution, the date of issuance, and the signature of the appropriate signing body.
Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) An educational credential assessment (ECA) is a process by which international academic qualifications are reviewed, verified, and compared to Canadian educational standards.
Original document The document issued to the student by the institution that awarded the credential.
Postsecondary education Postsecondary education is also called higher education or tertiary education. It represents academic study beyond the high school or secondary school level.
Sealed envelope It is an envelope that contains your official academic records. The envelope must be sealed by the institution with a stamp and signature over the flap. If the seal remains intact when the envelope reaches the recipient, the document could be considered official. It is the recipient who ultimately determines whether the document is official.
Secondary education Secondary education is also called high school education. It usually represents studies completed from grade 9 or 10 through grade 12 in Canada.
Secure Electronic Delivery Method A Secure Electronic Delivery Service is a method of sending documents electronically over a secure network to educational institutions, employers, agencies or any third parties. Educational institutions are partnered with organizations that provide secure electronic delivery services. These documents are password-protected, digitally signed and certified by the sender to enable institutions to securely send documents that are considered official. For more information, please check "What is a Secure Electronic Delivery Service?"