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When your official institutional documents are delivered through a secure digital platform: Find out what services qualify as secure digital platforms by visiting this list. This applies to both General and IRCC purpose applications.

40 Business Days

For ECA for Immigration Purposes (IRCC).

25 Business Days

For ECA for education, employment, professional licensing, and other general purposes.


Estimated processing times for other Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Reports:

  • Renewing an expired immigration report: 15 Business Days
  • Assessment Report Conversion Application: 20 Business Days (conditions apply)

Important to Know:

  • The processing time does not start from the date you submitted your application. Instead, it starts from the day when all your supporting documents, including the official academic records (transcripts) have been reviewed and accepted for assessment. 
  • While we make every effort to provide assessments in a timely manner, each individual application is unique, and some take longer than others to complete.
  • Physical official academic records (transcripts) require digitization and may take up to three weeks to be processed and matched to your application. This process does not affect your processing time.
  • Click here for guidelines and tips on how to submit digital institutional documents. 
  • These processing times do not include the delivery time.

Have a question? Please review our Help Centre updates, and contact us.

What affects the processing time?

  • If we need to verify documents with the issuing authority or conduct extensive research, this may increase the processing time. 
  • The processing time may change based on the volume of applications received by CES.
  • The estimated processing times do not include statutory holidays or the University’s year-end closure. These processing times are subject to change without notice.
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