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Educational Credential Assessment Report


As part of the University of Toronto’s COVID-19 safety measures, a limited number of our staff has been permitted to return to the office, while the majority of our team continues to process applications remotely. Inability to access our physical offices on the U of T campus from mid-March to mid-August has impacted our processing times.

Processing times pre-COVID-19 were 15-20 weeks. As a result of the above, we are experiencing delays, as are the organizations and institutions with which we communicate to verify your documents. If your educational institution can send us your official records (such as your academic record, official transcripts, and other institutional documents) electronically, this helps us provide you with quicker service. We appreciate your patience and remain committed to providing quality, care, transparency, and accountability, meanwhile minimizing the inconveniences that you are experiencing during this challenging time.

Please review our Help Centre updates and reach out to us for any inquiries.

Before we start the assessment process, our team checks if your application and all required documents are acceptable. The date that we determine your documents are acceptable for assessment becomes the official acceptance date of your application. The estimated processing times are based upon this start date. While we make every effort to provide assessments in a timely manner, each individual application is unique, and some take longer than others to complete. If we need to verify documents or do some additional research, this may increase the processing time. 

Please note that the estimated processing times do not include statutory holidays or the University’s year-end closure. These processing times are subject to change without notice.

If you have already submitted your application, you can login to track your application status.