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CES will only issue the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report once all supporting documents and the official academic record have been received and verified.

Your application requires both scanned copies of documents provided to CES within your online application (see below) and Official Academic Record sent to CES directly from your awarding institution (Step 4).

You must complete your online application and obtain your CES Student Number prior to having official documents sent to our office.

Required Supporting Documents

Supporting documents required within your application vary by country and region. Please carefully review the requirements for credentials from your country of education. We strongly recommend you download our supporting document checklist and use this to help you in preparing your application. Click here to download this document.


  • Must clearly indicate your full name and date of birth. Example: Passport (information pages), Driver’s Licence, or National Identity Card 
  • Scan both sides of the document 
  • Ensure all pages are clear and legible and that no information is cut off 
  • We do not accept government-issued health cards 
  • Translation of document if not in English or French (See Translation Guidelines
  • If your name on your ID appears differently on your academic documents. Example: Marriage Certificate, Official Government Name Change Document, Affidavit 
  • Scan both sides of the document 
  • Ensure all pages are clear and legible and that no information is cut off 
  • Translation of document if not in English or French (See Translation Guidelines

Country-Specific Academic Document Tool

If your country is not listed in the dropdown box below please select “Country Not Listed”.

For any documents that are not in either English or French, you will need to provide both the original document and a translated version. See our translation guidelines.

The attacks on Ukraine have displaced more than 4 million Ukrainians. In an effort to assist Ukrainians fleeing to Canada, the Canadian government has pledged to accept an unlimited number of immigrants from Ukraine by prioritizing immigration applications of Ukrainian nationals and introducing an open work permit for Ukrainian nationals who are currently in Canada.

For our part, CES is dedicated to supporting applicants impacted by the war by prioritizing the review and assessment process for Ukrainian applicants to support their immigration and general goals.

Since the beginning of the crisis we have been assessing Ukrainian credentials based on the documents in their possession and waiving the requirement of official academic record. Whenever possible, we will continue to use Ukraine’s State Diploma Verification System to verify applicants’ credentials without their official academic records.

Ukrainian nationals seeking the Educational Credential Assessment report with credentials obtained outside of Ukraine will need to follow the document requirements of the country of education. If you are encountering challenges obtaining your official academic record, please contact our office for advice.


  • Submitting an incomplete application and/or documentation will delay the assessment process. 
  • Complete documentation must be provided for the program(s) of post-secondary study you wish to have assessed and verified. In most cases, CES will assess the credential selected without requiring documents for credentials you have previously earned. We do, however, reserve the right to request documents related to credentials earned prior to a higher award if we feel they support the assessment. 
  • Providing the required documents does not guarantee that the credential in question will be recognized by CES.
  • CES reserves the right to contact the issuing authority at any time during the assessment process to obtain information about the program completed and/or verify the documents, irrespective of the method by which they are received. 
  • All documents submitted become the property of CES and will not be returned or released to you. 
  • Contact Us if you require clarification of our requirements. 
  • If your institution offers official electronic transcripts, we invite you to select this option to minimize any delays. Please contact your academic institution to request that they send your academic documents to us directly to The electronic transcript must be sent via an institutional email address belonging to the appropriate office/department/unit that is in charge of academic document issuance or verification.
  • Please only request the official institutional documents (e.g. official academic record, official transcript, verified transcript, etc) after your online application is submitted and all fees are paid. 
  • Official institutional documents received prior to the submission of an online application will not be processed until all fees are paid and an online application is received by our office. This will incur delays in your application processing. 
  • CES uses your full name and your CES Student Number to match your official institutional documents to your submitted online application. Without the CES Student Number, any variation of your name may cause your official institutional documents not to be matched to your application. 
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