Getting Started - First Steps

1. Reach Out to Us

Whether it be by phone, email or in-person the SCS Accessibility Team are always willing to discuss your need of academic support in the classroom, even prior to registration. We will also inform you of the next steps to setting up an accommodation plan and answer any concerns you may have.

Our contact information is:

Phone: 416-978-2400


In-person: 158 St. George Street, Toronto ON, M5S 2V8

If you would like to speak with someone in person about your possible accommodation plan, an appointment is not required, but it recommended.  This will ensure we are prepared and available to speak with you.


2. Complete the Accommodation Request Form

All learners, both new and returning, are provided with the Accommodation Request Form to indicate their enroled course(s) and to identify the supports they require.


3. Provide Documentation

In order to implement the supports you require, documentation must be provided. SCS does not currently provide medical assessments and relies on documentation to clearly state the accommodations that would be most appropriate to build an accommodation plan.

This documentation can be one of the following:

  • Medical Documentation (e.g. assessment)
    The SCS Accessibility Team does not need to see the full assessment report, however, we must know the educational recommendations that a physician or specialist has identified.
  • Academic Documentation
    We will accept approved accommodation letters from Disability Counselors that you have received from another educational institution. We will adopt and implement the same supports as documented by the institution.

If you do not have any documentation or waiting on documentation to be provided contact the SCS Accessibility Team, and we will work with you to coordinate interim supports.


4. Keep Us Informed

The key to a positive learning experience is open communication; we work closely with our learners and instructors to ensure that this goal is realized at all points in a learner’s educational journey.

We encourage you to keep us informed of things such as:

  • You enroled into a new course
  • If an accessible room or equipment is required
  • Any quizzes/tests/exams for which you may require support
  • Textbooks that require an alternative format
  • Changes to course enrolments (e.g. withdraw/transfer)
  • Questions or concerns regarding a course or support


The earlier you inform us of any requests or changes to enrolment or your needs, the better positioned we will be to implement the supports that will maximize your learning experience at SCS.