Instructor Awards and Recognition


Each year, the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) invites learners who registered for one or more courses during the past 12 months to nominate an instructor they believe embodies and demonstrates excellence in teaching.

Through the Excellence in Teaching Awards, SCS recognizes members of our instructor community for their outstanding contributions to learner-focused continuing education. These awards are an opportunity to share our values with our learners and to ensure they understand our commitment to excellence.

In 2017, the Excellence in Teaching Awards were refreshed to reflect the changing nature of continuing education.

Three new awards were added, including an Excellence in Online Teaching Award, Career Impact Award, and Outstanding New Instructor Award.


Arts & Science

James F.S. Thomson

Business & Professional Studies

Reza Mirza Hessabi 
Richard Picart
Ronald Caldwell 

Creative Writing

Caitlin Sweet

Languages & Translation

Mary McBride

Excellence in Online Teaching Award

Evandro Rodrigues

Career Impact Award

Martha Batiz

Outstanding NEW Instructor Award

Nadine Atwi 
Piro Dhimitri