Our Commitment to Accessibility

Our Goal

The School of Continuing Studies (SCS) is committed to providing support to our learners with disabilities to ensure a positive learning experience in all of our courses and programs. We are dedicated to the principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians Disability Act (AODA) and the University of Toronto’s commitment to promote inclusion and minimize barriers within the educational sector. SCS’ goal is to become a leader in barrier-free continuing education and to incorporate AODA standards and regulations within our best practices. Designing for inclusivity improves the learning experience for everyone.


Confidentiality and You

SCS respects your right to privacy. Any information and documentation shared with us will be securely stored in an encrypted database and used only for developing a suitable accommodation plan. No information will be shared beyond the Accessibility Services Team without your written consent. At all times this information will be protected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter please visit www.fippa.utoronto.ca.



SCS encourages learners to advocate for their own needs and supports within their course(s). If for any reason you are not comfortable in doing so, please contact the SCS Accessibility Team, and with your permission, we can communicate with your instructor(s) on your behalf.

SCS works closely with the University of Toronto Accessibility Services to assess individual needs and coordinate the provision of necessary services.  Some of the services provided include but are not limited to:

  • Test and exam supports
  • Note taking services
  • Accessible classrooms
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Adaptive technology and devices
  • Alternative formats for course materials

If you are interested in learning more about Accessibility Services available to you as an SCS learner, please visit: 

accessibility Services

"It is the University's goal to create a community that is inclusive of all persons and treats all members of the community in an equitable manner. In working toward this goal, the University will strive to provide support for, and facilitate the accommodation of individuals with disabilities so that all may share the same level of access to opportunities, participate in the full range of activities that the University offers, and achieve their full potential as members of the University community. The University will work to eliminate or minimize the adverse effects of barriers, including physical, environmental, attitudinal, communication and technological barriers, that may prevent the full participation of individuals with disabilities in the University community."

Statement of Commitment Regarding Persons with Disabilities
(University of Toronto Governing Council, November 2014