Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work

Our partnership with the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work (FIFSW) brings together the world-renowned academic leadership of the division and our globally recognized reputation in continuing education.

Together we offer courses and workshops in human services and social work designed to help you develop your professional skills and expand your knowledge in a range of subjects. Offering certificates in the areas of pain management, mindfulness, clinical hypnosis and human services management, this partnership furthers our joint objective to educate the social work leaders of tomorrow and champion for the most vulnerable in society.  

Whether you want to add a new skill set to your practitioner tool box, develop your capacity as a leader in a social service organization, or integrate mindfulness into your work with your colleagues or clients, these programs can help you achieve your education and career goals.

Please see below for more information about courses and certificate programs offered in partnership with the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work.

3129 - Histories of Mindfulness Meditation Practices
3130 - Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Mindfulness Meditation
3131 - Contemporary Applications of Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness-Based Interventions
3132 - Philosophies of Mindfulness
3133 - Embodying the Qualities of Mindfulness
3256 - Building & Broadening Resiliency: Integrating mindfulness into education
3257 - Clinical Applications of Buddhist Psychology
3261 - Finding Your Edge: Mindfulness and Optimal Performance
3262 - Foundations of Cybercounselling
3263 - Mindfulness Practices to Cultivate Self-Compassion
3264 - Grieving Mindfully
3269 - Mindful Way Through the Creative Process
3271 - Mindfulness and Teams
3272 - Mindfulness for Reconciliation and Conflict Management
3273 - Mindfulness of Feelings
3274 - Mindfulness-Based Narrative Inquiry
3275 - More on Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Meditation
3276 - Mindful Approaches to Well-Being for Helping Professionals
3277 - Teaching Mindfulness to Teens
3278 - Technology and Mindfulness
3279 - The Cultivation of Therapeutic Presence with Mindfulness
3281 - Foundations of Mindful Eating for Health Care Professionals
3282 - Mindfulness and Expressive Arts: Applications for Counselling, Education, and Community
3288 - Clinical Hypnosis: Practice Basics
3289 - Clinical Hypnosis: Applications
3290 - Clinical Hypnosis: Deep Techniques and Healing
3292 - Mobilizing Leadership Capacity in the Human Services
3293 - Human Services Financial Management and Leadership
3294 - The Fundamentals of Human Resource Management in Human Service Organizations
3295 - Assessing Social Impact
3296 - Surviving and Thriving in Organizational Change
3303 - Conscious Care and Support Professional Training
3304 - Introduction to Mindful Training for Emotional Resilience
3369 - Gender, Diversity and Leadership in the Human Services
3406 - Compassion-Based Resilience for Healthcare Professionals
3429 - Introduction to Mindfulness Informed End of Life Care
3430 - Mindful Reflections on Attending to Suffering
3431 - Mindfulness for Compassionate End of Life Care
3432 - Integrating Mindfulness into Pain Management
3433 - Integrating Mindfulness into End of Life Counselling Models
3434 - Practicing Dying
3501 - Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management™ Facilitation: Practical Training Immersion
3502 - Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management™ Facilitation: Curriculum Training Intensive
3503 - Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management™ Facilitation: Curriculum Implementation and Development
3519 - Mindfulness and Art Therapy 1: Watch the Mind
3520 - Mindfulness and Art Therapy 2: Transform the Mind
3522 - Mindfulness and Writing for Discipline and Productivity
3648 - DBT: The Basics (Foundational Training Part 1)
3649 - DBT: Beyond The Basics (Foundational Training Part 2)
3650 - DBT: Individual Therapy
3651 - DBT: Skills Training
3652 - DBT: Consultation Team
3699 - Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management™ Practical Training
3733 - A Mindfulness Approach to Restorative Practices
3738 - Building Inner Strength – 16 Guidelines Level 1
3739 - Building Inner Strength – 16 Guidelines Level 2
3761 - Trauma-Informed Mindful Movement
3767 - Cultivating The Compassionate Classroom

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