Corporate and Organizational Training

Highly skilled team members with well-rounded, up-to-date knowledge can make all the difference to the success of your business or organization. Ensure your team is reaching their potential with our expert training, offered when and where it works best for you and your organization. 

We offer in-person and online open-enrolment courses, in addition to specialized onsite training at a location of your choice. Work with us to identify your team's needs and determine the best professional development solutions to obtain your organization's objectives. Whether they need to refine skills, develop competency, or stay current on industry standards and practices, chances are we have a learning solution that fits.


  • With over 40 program areas and over 700 expert instructors, we have the resources to assist your organization and meet your professional development needs, while working with the experience level of your team members. 
  • We offer an opportunity to inspire and motivate your team, improve performance, and foster collaboration to take your organization’s effectiveness to the next level.
  • Our curricula is current, adaptive, and innovative – developed by professionals, for professionals.
  • SCS offers courses, certificate programs, and specialized training solutions to address the development needs of all team members, regardless of career stage. 
  • Our programs present high-quality, cost-effective solutions for a range of business sectors and industries.
  • Solutions are offered in multiple, flexible formats, providing access to expert educators regardless of location.
  • Our facilitators are industry professionals who are experienced at teaching a range of adult learners.