Online Questionnaire for Language Class Placement

Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Placement in the Language Program of Your Choice


Read each statement carefully, try to imagine yourself in the situation described, and then assess how well you could perform in the language that you wish to learn i.e. the “target language” in the described setting. Rate your ability (0 to 5) as follows:

0: I cannot do this at all.
1: I can do this poorly.
2: I can do it but with difficulty.
3: I can do this reasonably well.
4: I can do this well.
5: I can do this fluently, approximating a native speaker of the language.


Speaking Skills

All four language skills are taught at the School: speaking, listening, reading and writing. However, your speaking ability determines which level you should take in the target language. This test is intended to help you assess your ability to speak the target language and place yourself at the correct level.

Score yourself between 0 and 5 in each question.

When attempting to speak the target language:

1)  I can introduce myself and say what my job is. _____________

2)  I can tell the date and time.  _____________

3)  If someone calls and speaks this language on the phone, I can take and communicate basic messages.  _____________

4)  I can give directions on how to go, for example, to the museum or to a store.  ____________

5)  I can say what I plan to do during the weekend  _____________

6)  I can describe a foreign city that I have visited.  _____________

7)  I can support with three reasons my choice of Montreal, for example, as a vacation spot.  _____________

8)  I can refuse an invitation to go to a restaurant or a film and give reasons.  _____________

9)  I can say what I did yesterday.  _____________

10)  When I meet someone, I can initiate a conversation.  ____________

11)  I can return an item to a store and explain why.  _____________

12)  I can phone a doctor’s office to make an appointment and explain the problem in general terms.  _____________

13)  I can praise or criticize a film, a play or a person.  ____________

14)  I can contrast two cities in the world on the basis of lifestyle and culture.  ______________

15)  At the restaurant, I can complain about a dish and express my displeasure.   ____________

16)  After a presentation at a meeting, I can ask a question.  _______________

17)  I can formulate a suggestion at a formal meeting.  _____________

18)  If I do not share someone’s opinion on a serious matter, I can argue and express my opinion.  _____________

19)  I can talk about the pros and cons of a particular situation.  _____________

20)  I can recount in detail a speech given by the head of the organization where I work.  _______________

Total Score: _____________



Depending on your score, we invite you to enrol in the in-class language course of your choice according to the following scale:

0-9 Level I
10-49 Level II
50-65 Level III
66-79 Level IV
80-90 Level V – if available in the target language. If not, specialized high-intermediate courses, including an online “Reading and Writing” course, may be offered. Check the calendar or website.


or over

Level VI – if available in the target language. If not, specialized advanced courses, including an online “Reading and Writing” course, may be offered. Check the calendar or website.

Translation courses are for those students who surpass Level VI and have native or near-native proficiency in English and the target language. Translation courses are not language acquisition courses.

It is possible to switch levels without cost in the first two weeks of the courses.

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