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For me, learning is a gateway to self discovery.

“Sometimes we look at education as a means to get somewhere, or obtain something. But for me, learning is a gateway to self discovery” says Sally Abudiab, who recently completed SCS courses including Freelance Science, Medicine, and Public Health Writing, and A Grammar Handbook.

Sally is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Toronto Rehabilitation Sciences Institute. Studying the recovery of behavioural inconsistency in moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries, she is passionate about helping others and advocating for health equity.

“The Freelance Science, Medicine, and Public Health Writing course taught me that the art of storytelling transcends all boundaries. It reminds us of who we are as people, and of what we share” reflects Sally. “As a health sciences writer, there is never a ‘you’ and ‘them’ divide- there is only us, equal and one.” Reflecting on her in-class experience, Sally felt immediately connected to her peers. The diverse backgrounds of her classmates- some were entrepreneurs, professors, scientists, graduate students, and editors of magazines- meant the networking possibilities were endless. “My instructor really encouraged us to work collaboratively and share ideas” says Sally. “I found it exhilarating to work with other people who are committed to making the world more just. We would talk openly about health disparities and inequities. When you put a group of people who are passionate about the same things in a room, great learning happens.”

Pursuing continuing education at SCS has improved Sally’s capacity to communicate, a skill she uses daily in her studies. “No one understood why I wanted to take a course on grammar, but I’m so glad I did” she laughs. “I learned how to make my writing colourful and engaging. Sometimes I’ll be in a meeting, and remember a strategy or tool that I learned at SCS. I get to share that knowledge with the group, and that makes me feel empowered.”

Looking towards the future, Sally’s ultimate goal is to help solve structural health inequities, and advocate for social justice. “Years ago, I was bored on a flight and opened up an in-flight magazine that was in the seat pocket in front of me. I came across a page that had an image of a cracked fortune cookie and a fortune that read: You only get in life what you ask for, not what you think you deserve,” she smiles. “I ripped out that page and still have it to this day. These are words I live by, and improving my communication skills at SCS enhanced my capacity to share my vision, and ask for real change.”