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Comparative Education Service (CES)

Academic Credential Assessment

Have your academic credentials assessed by Canada's #1 University

A CES Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) indicates how your international credentials compare to those offered in Canada.

Processing Times

Due to the high volume of applications received, the current estimated processing times are as follows:

Educational Credential Assessment Report
General Use: 6 weeks
Immigration: 14 weeks


(These processing time frames do not include delivery.)

The estimated processing times are based on the date that the application and all required official documents from the awarding bodies are received and accepted by our office.


While we make every effort to provide assessments in a timely manner, each individual application is unique, and some take longer than others to complete. If verification of documents or additional research are required, this will likely increase the processing time. In cases where a significant delay is expected, clients will be notified.


Please note that the estimated processing times do not include statutory holidays and the University’s year-end closure and are subject to change without notice.


If you have already submitted your application, you can login to track your application status.

Get your academic credentials assessed now in 7 simple steps:

Scan and Upload
Required Documents
Scan colour copies of both sides of required documentation and upload to your online application.
Official Academic Records
Request Official Records
Contact your issuing institution(s) to have the Official Academic Records sent in a sealed envelope directly to CES.
Processing Time
The estimated processing time for applications begins on the date that the application and all required official from the institution(s) are received and accepted, not necessarily the date the application was received.
Receive Assessment
Receive your ECA report via the delivery method you have chosen.