SCS Launches the Three Rs of Success

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We’re excited to launch The Three Rs of Success, a digital exploration of lifelong learning at SCS.

At SCS, we support human potential one individual, one organization, one community at a time. The Three Rs of Success is an opportunity for you to learn more about who we are, what we offer, and our unique perspective on lifelong learning! 

This digital experience delves into the benefits (both to individuals and organizations) of building a culture of continuous education, and focuses on the three R’s of success: reflection, reskilling and resilience. It shares details about Blueprint, our new career services program, which is designed to help you thrive in our rapidly changing world. It explores our corporate and organizational training, English Language Program, Comparative Education Service, and micro-credential offerings, that are here to support you as you pursue your career and personal development goals. It also offers exciting information about our vast range of continuing education opportunities, from business and technological studies, to the arts, humanities, and creative writing. The Three Rs of Success also shares two stories about SCS learners whose lives have been changed by their commitment to lifelong learning. 

Our Dean, Dr. Catherine Chandler-Crichlow, is especially eager to share this digital space with our audiences. “I’m thrilled to be leading a shift in how we view and embrace lifelong learning. As the top university in Canada, U of T is the perfect place to incubate and grow innovative ideas around reskilling, upskilling, reflection, and personal resilience. At SCS, our approach to lifelong learning is unique. Here. we share that new vision,” she says. “I hope you’ll enjoy exploring information about the diverse services and opportunities we offer at SCS, and some food for thought about the future of work and your place in it!” 

We are here to help you navigate your continuing education journey, and hope you’ll enjoy learning more about SCS.

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