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Records & Information Management

  • Know the field of records and information management from the ground up.
  • Acquire the most current knowledge in the field, designed and delivered online by industry experts.

Keeping accurate records and information is more important than ever in the digital information age. Organizations need professionals who can create, store and retrieve information using the latest technologies. Whether you're just entering the field or are seeking to expand your knowledge and skills, this certificate is for you. You'll complete it fully grounded in the essential elements of the profession. Learn organizational context, practice, strategy and implementation, and develop an overview of vital privacy, access and governance issues. You'll study the full spectrum of archiving and retrieval, and emerge with the knowledge and skills valued by organizations seeking to manage information assets. This certificate is offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Information.

What You'll Learn

  • Know the most useful tools and techniques for storing, retrieving and managing records and information.
  • Explore Canadian and international best practices and standards.
  • Understand critical privacy, access and governance issues.
  • Cover core elements of management planning and strategy.
  • Emerge with knowledge and skills valued by leading organizations.

Certificate Requirement(s)

Please consult the website for course details. You have three years from the start date of your first course to complete the certificate. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) may be granted for 3214 Fundamentals of Records & Information Management.

Important: Upon completion of your certificate requirements, you must request your certificate by submitting a Certificate Request Form.

Required Course(s)