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Building Science

As of Aug 1, 2018, the Certificate in Building Science offered by the School of Continuing Studies will cease to qualify for BSSO certification from OBEC.

(See School’s OBEC webpage and OBEC Website for changes in BSSO requirements).

During the Transition Period

In-Process BSSO candidates: You will still be eligible to apply for BSSO certification if you have

  • already completed both 2339 Building Science I AND 2340 Building Science II, or their approved equivalents ( see course equivalencies below**)
  • already registered or are planning to register in the final offering of the remaining courses listed below, to be completed before July 31 2018

If you haven’t completed 2339 Building Science I and 2340 Building Science II courses or their equivalencies**, you will need to follow the Examination based path (see the examinations schedule on the OBEC webpage).

New BSSO candidates should follow the exam based path.

Courses Course Schedule
2. 2495 Building Envelope Materials 10 Oct – 12 Dec, 2017 (1 day / week, Tue)
3. 2496 Wall & Windows Systems 17 Jan – 21 Mar 2018 (1 day / week, Tue)
4. 2352 Roof Systems 06 Mar to 13 Apr, 2018 ( 2 days per week, Tue, Thu)
5. 2347 HVAC ONLINE 1 May – 23 Jul 2018

Building Science Certificate | Continued Offering to Prepare BSSO Candidates

The Building Science Certificate and courses will continue to be available in the future, with adjusted fee structure and updated curriculum to reflect the BSSO certification examination learning objectives. These courses will continue to be relevant and useful for professional development, career advancement and examination preparation for BSSO certification examinations.  The courses with updated curriculum and revised fees are expected to be available starting Fall 2018 session. Please check our website for updates.

** The following courses are approved equivalents of Building Science I and II courses and are offered at:

  • Ryerson University: BL8100 – Building Science Theory
  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering: CIV375 or CIV575 – Building Science
  • University of Waterloo: CIVE507 – Building Science and Technology