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Visual Art & Architecture

Do you appreciate beauty, but wish you understood more about the history of visual art? Do you see the influence of design in the world around you, but lack the vocabulary to articulate that appreciation and discuss it with friends? Do you harbour an untapped creative energy? The School of Continuing Studies offers dozens of courses in Visual Art & Architecture that allow you to explore the history, imagery and practice of artistic expression in its many forms. “Contemporary Art and How to Buy It”, “Art through the Ages”, ”Beyond the Wall: the Art and Architecture of Berlin” and “The AGO: A Personal Discovery” are just some of the courses that open a window on artistic masterpieces, both historical and contemporary. Our beginner drawing classes put you in the studio to explore and apply the techniques of great artists through the ages. Our photography, architecture and film courses sharpen the focus on applied art forms that enrich our daily lives.

Click the links below for complete course descriptions, schedules, and information about how to register now.

Don’t miss our University Lecture Series! Leading scholars, thinkers and experts will explore topics of interest to students of Visual Art & Architecture at the School of Continuing Studies.

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