Step 2 - Country Document Requirements

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Prepare all required documents and have them available when completing your application.

General Document Guidelines


Government-issued identification(ID)

  • Must clearly indicate your full name and date of birth
  • Example: Passport, National Identity Card
  • We do not accept government-issued health cards

Proof of name change

  • If the name on the document is different on the identification
  • Example: marriage certificate, affidavit

Final award in original language

  • Document awarded at convocation
  • Example: Degree Certificate, Diploma, Certificate

Academic records in original language

  • Document that identifies courses taken, credits and grades achieved for all years of study
  • Example: transcripts, statement of marks

Official word-for-word translation

  • All documents mentioned above not in English or French must be accompanied with official translation done by a certified professional translator
  • Official translation must clearly identify the translator
  • Translation provided by the educational institution is acceptable

Official academic records

  • Official documents must be signed, stamped, and dated by the officials (Registrar, Controller of Examination) of the awarding institution
  • Must be in a sealed institution envelope with an institution stamp, a seal, or a signature over the back flap
  • Send to the following address:
Student No: X______________________
Comparative Education Service
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
158 St. George Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2V8



Select Your Country

Select your country of education to determine country-specific requirements for each credential.

  • If you have completed post-secondary studies, you do not need to submit your secondary school credentials with your application.
  • If your country is not listed, you can simply follow the general guidelines to apply.


Please carefully review the requirements for credentials from your country of education. Please note that submitting an incomplete application and/or documentation will delay the assessment process.

  • Complete documentation must be provided for the program(s) of post-secondary study you wish to have assessed and verified. In most cases, CES will assess the credential selected without requiring documents for credentials you have previously earned. We do, however, reserve the right to request documents related to credentials earned prior to a higher award if we feel they support the assessment.
  • If your documents were not originally issued in English or French, you must provide word-for-word English or French translations. CES accepts translations done either by the institution that you attended or a professional translation service.  Remember to include complete colour copies of your documents in the original language along with translations.
  • Please make your request to have official academic records (transcripts/statements of marks) sent by your educational institution(s) directly to CES in a sealed envelope as soon as possible. Some institutions may take a considerable amount of time to provide them.
  • CES reserves the right to contact the issuing authority at any time during the assessment process to obtain information about the program completed and/or verify the documents, irrespective of the method by which they are received.
  • Please do not send original documents with your application.

All documents submitted become the property of CES and will not be returned or released to you.

Contact Us if you require clarification of our requirements.