Step 5 - Request Official Academic Records

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Request for Official Academic Records


What: An official academic record that displays the courses you have taken and the grades you obtained.

Format: As an applicant, you must contact your awarding/issuing institution for official academic records to be mailed directly to our office. The issuing institution must either reissue another original academic record or provide attested/verified photocopies with fresh institutional stamps and signatures. The envelope must be sealed by the institution with a stamp and signature over the envelope flap.

Note: Plain photocopies without fresh institutional stamps and signature in the sealed envelope are not acceptable for this requirement. 

Mailing Address:

Student No: X______________________
Comparative Education Service
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

158 St. George Street,
Toronto, ON M5S 2V8

Examples: Transcripts, Statement of Marks, Transcripts of Records

We will send you a confirmation email after we receive your transcript from your awarding/issuing institution. Please note that if your transcript arrives before you submit your online application, we will enter it into our system but you will not receive an email confirmation.