Learner Accommodation Checklist

Consider the course(s) you have registered into and what supports, if any, you feel you may need to be successful in the course.

  1. Contact scs.accessibility@utoronto.ca to notify the Accessibility Team of the course(s) you are considering, registered into, or have started, and indicate the supports you require.
  2. Complete the Accommodation Request Form.
  3. Provide documentation.
  4. Make an appointment with an Accommodation Specialist.
  5. Make a calendar of all upcoming tests, and assignments for your course(s) and set reminders to follow up with your Instructor or the Accessibility Team as needed.
  6. Book tests (quizzes, tests, exams) that are needed with the Accessibility Team at scs.accessibility@utoronto.ca.
  7. Check your email regularly for updates and scheduling notes regarding your course(s).
  8. Stay connected with the Accessibility Team throughout your course(s) and provide feedback as needed.