Many of our micro courses (which are short, compact learning solutions so you can develop in-demand competencies, fast) are now eligible for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

If you are interested in earning a micro-credential (a digital representation of the set of competencies or skills that you achieve in a micro course), you can explore the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities website to view a list of OSAP eligible micro courses, and to learn more about the application process.  

Whether you are eager to gain new skills, upskill, or explore a new path, micro-credentials are a powerful way for you to showcase your abilities to your personal and professional networks. 

Together, let’s push past barriers and accelerate your learning journey. 

For detailed instructions on how to apply for OSAP for approved micro courses, please visit the University Registrar Office's website under the heading 'How Do I Apply for an OSAP approved micro-credentials program?' section.

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