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Brand Journalism & Multimedia Storytelling

How do you weave words, graphics, audio and video into a coherent and compelling design? How do you know which platforms and media to include? This new certificate will unveil the art of visual storytelling. It’s geared to marketers, community managers, communications professionals, brand managers and entrepreneurs working in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. You’ll learn about content creation, brand journalism, scriptwriting, video and audio production, photography and data visualization.

Featured Courses

  • 3155
    Foundations of Multimedia Storytelling

    In today’s complex media landscape, successful organizations need people with strong storytelling skills to effectively communicate key messages and achieve business objectives. You'll learn how to tell coherent brand narratives that translate into compelling visual stories.
  • 3156
    Omni-channel Content Marketing

    More and more organizations use branded content to tell their brand stories and engage larger audiences. In the second course of the Certificate in Multimedia Storytelling & Omni-channel Content Marketing, you'll learn the art and science of storytelling with content in the digital age.
  • 3157
    Advanced Practices in Multimedia Storytelling

    You learned the basics of multimedia storytelling in our foundations course. You applied them to modern content marketing in the second course.