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Student Services

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My Access Student Account – Self Service

As an SCS student you have individualized access to viewing your courses and records in the School’s database. Your account is password-protected and cannot be accessed by anyone but you.

We encourage you to log into your account on a regular basis to keep track of your progress in your programs. If you cannot log in to your account or if you notice any discrepancies, please contact Student Services at learn@utoronto.ca or call 416-978-2400.

To access your account

  • Click Student/Instructor Login
  • In the “User Name” field, enter your email address that you provided the School when you enrolled in your courses.
  • If you are a first-time user, or if you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot Password”. A temporary password will be emailed to you. The password is case-sensitive : upper- and lower-case letters are used. We recommend that you copy and paste this password into the “Password” field.
  • Click “Log in Now.”
  • To change your password, click “My Profile” and follow the instructions to change your information. You can choose to keep your student number as your user name, but we do recommend that you change it to something that is more familiar to you.

My Access Services

The following is a brief listing of services currently available through your account.

My Profile

  •  View and update your personal and contact information
  • Change your password

Academic History

View your course activity at the School (from 2003) including

  • Courses enrolled
  • Grades
  • Official Statement of Grade Report
  • Pending withdrawal/transfer requests
  • Courses on a waitlist
  • Courses completed (with grades where applicable)


  • Course schedule
  • Classroom location

My Certificates

  • Track certificate progress

My Account

  • View your account balance and payment history
  • View and print T2202A Tuition, Education and Textbooks Amounts Certificates (from 2010)

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Library and TCard Services
As a student at the School of Continuing Studies, you are eligible to obtain a University of Toronto TCard. Your TCard is a photo ID smartcard that provides identification for academic purposes, student activities and services, facility access and a Library Card. The TCard also provides users the option to carry a cash value in the computer chip. The card can then be used for the purchase of photocopies, computer printing and vending services. To obtain your TCard you will be required to present a permission letter, from the School of Continuing Studies, to the TCard office. Permission Letters are issued on or after the course start date. Privileges will be available for the duration of your course.

You can request the permission letter, in person, from the School of Continuing Studies Student and Instructor Services information desk located on the first floor of 158 St. George Street. You can also make your request by email to learn@utoronto.ca or by telephone by calling 416.978.2400. Please note, your letter will be ready to pick-up one business day following your request.

The TCard office is located at the Koffler Student Services Building, first floor, 214 College Street. For more information on the TCard office (hours of operation, location etc) please visit, tcard.utoronto.ca. Identification is required for the issuance of the TCard.

To view the required documents in order to obtain your TCard, please visit: http://sites.utoronto.ca/tcard/

The TCard registration process allows you to create a UTORid and utoronto.ca email address. The UTORid and its associated password, enables you to use computer services and terminals on campus. For more information on UTORid, visit https://www.utorid.utoronto.ca/.

Visit http://onesearch.library.utoronto.ca/ for more information about University of Toronto Library Services.

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Campus Food Services
View the links below to find more information of the food services provided on each of our three campuses.

St. George Campus

Mississauga Campus

Scarborough Campus