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SCS Policies

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Academic Policy

Individuals requiring guidance concerning the academic policies, practices and procedures of the School may address written inquiries to the Director of the School. The School complies with a wide range of University of Toronto policies designed to enhance learning and respect for the individual, including policies prohibiting sexual harassment or discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, or social origin.

By registering in any course or program at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, you are indicating your understanding that any computing, communications or copying equipment, service or facility made available to the School’s students by the University is for academic purposes only and that other uses, including use for commercial and personal gain, for software or other copyright infringement or for any illegal or disruptive purpose, are not authorized. You should also recognize that the School’s students are not permitted to use any University computer accounts other than those explicitly made available to them by the University.

Students assume full responsibility for all computer accounts made available to them and any sanctions that may arise from unauthorized or inappropriate use.

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Code of Student Conduct

All School of Continuing Studies students are required to comply with the University of Toronto Code of Student Conduct. Students are also required to comply with the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

Change or Cancellation of Class Meetings

When it is necessary to alter, cancel or postpone a meeting, class members are notified. For this reason it is important that you provide your telephone number(s) and  e-mail address  when registering.

Withdrawal of Courses

The School reserves the right to withdraw or cancel courses listed in its publications. Should a course be withdrawn or cancelled, you may transfer to another section or another course, if space permits, or you may choose to receive a full refund of course fees paid.

Emergency University Closings

Bulletins of emergency closing due to poor weather conditions are available by calling the University of Toronto Snowline at 416-978-SNOW (7669).

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Personal and Financial Information Security

Any information you provide to us, whether online, by telephone, mail or fax, is kept confidential and secure. We are committed to protecting your privacy and your financial security, and we do this in several ways:

  • We do not sell or rent the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies mailing, email or any other contact lists. They are for use by the School for communications purposes only and are not shared.
  • All credit card information is deleted from our system when the cost of a registration has been authorized. Absolutely no one, except your own financial institution, has access to your credit card information.
  • Your Student Portal is password-protected. To access any personal and academic information, you must enter both your student number and a portal password.
  • The University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies adheres to the University of Toronto’s privacy policies and procedures.

Please contact us at learn@utoronto.ca or 416-978-2400 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our privacy policies and procedures.

U of T Pandemic Planning Information

The University of Toronto has a fully developed emergency preparedness plan encompassing pandemic planning. Learn more here or visit http://www.preparedness.utoronto.ca/pandemic.htm.

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