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Grades & Appeals

Read More About Grades and Appeals

Grade Scale

Courses in which students are assessed and awarded a final grade may use a letter, percentage or honours/pass/fail grading scheme. During the first class your instructor will provide you with a course outline detailing the grade scheme and grade weighting.

Generally, a passing grade of 50%, or D, or Pass is necessary to obtain a credit towards any certificate offered by the School of Continuing Studies.  However, some programs do require a higher pass threshold.  Check the official course outline provided by your instructor at course commencement for this information.

The following grade scales are used by the School of Continuing Studies:

Letter Grade Percentages Grade Definitions
A 80% – 100% Excellent
B 70% – 79% Good
C 60% – 69% Adequate
D 50% – 59% Marginal
F 49% or lower(49% or course maximum fail threshold, whichever is higher) Inadequate
P 50% – 89%(50% or course minimum pass threshold, whichever is higher) Pass
H 90% or higher Honours

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Grade Reports

If you have been assessed and awarded a final grade, you will receive a Grade Report documenting your final result. Grade Reports are issued within 60 days of the course completion and released into your My Access student account. You will receive a Grade Report Notification by email to alert you when your final grade has been released. This alert will direct you to My Access to view and print your Grade Report.

Please note that final grades cannot be released over the telephone or by email.

Alternate Examinations

If you are unable to write the final course examination in a prescribed time period, you may apply for an alternate examination. You are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for an alternate examination if you received a failing grade in your course.

There is a fee of $150 for this service. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Payment must be included with your alternate examination application or it will not be considered.

The application for an alternate examination may be accessed online or you may call us at 416-978-2400, and we will send you an application by email, fax, or mail.

Retention of Academic Records

Final course grading is retained for a maximum period of 7 years.

Examinations and final projects/assignments (includes examination answer booklets and other evaluation elements which have not been returned to registrants) are retained for 11 months.

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You may request a transcript of courses by completing a Transcript Application Form.  If you only require confirmation of a single course grade, complete the Duplicate Grade Report Application Form.You may also log into your My Access student account to view grades for courses taken after 2003. If available, your grade will appear in the Academic History tab. You may select a course listed, and print a statement of grade report. Please note this is an unofficial report.

Only courses that took place after January 2003 will appear on the transcript. If you require official verification of your final results for courses completed prior to January 2003, you may request a Duplicate Grade Report Application Form. Note that the School retains records for a period of seven years and cannot guarantee that final course results prior to 2003 are still available. Academic documents will not be released without your express written consent.

A fee is charged for each transcript or duplicate Grade Report issued. Payment must be included with the application form and will not be processed until payment has been received.

Transcripts and duplicate Grade Reports are processed within a period of seven business days. Note: You are responsible for ensuring that your request is submitted to the School well in advance of deadlines at other educational institutions or associations to whom you are submitting your transcripts or Grade Reports.

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Letters of Attendance

If you require official verification of your attendance in a course, you may request a letter of attendance. To qualify you must sign the attendance record at each class and have attained a minimum of 80% class attendance. To request a Letter of Attendance, please call us at (416) 978-2400, or email us at learn@utoronto.ca. Your letter will be mailed to you within 10 business days of request.

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Individuals contemplating an appeal of a final grade must do so in writing by completing a Reconsideration of Final Course Results Application form. All requests must be received within three months of the final examination/course completion period.

Appeals made by fax, e-mail or telephone will not be accepted.

Final course results, particularly failing results, are carefully reviewed prior to issuance. Consequently, it is to be expected that only rarely will there be acceptable justification for further reconsideration.
Term results such as course assignments or mid-term examinations will not be reconsidered. It is the sole responsibility of students to make certain that they get marks for all submitted assignment(s) and term test(s) other than the final exam or final project or final course paper from their instructor and have all related questions answered before the course ends.

Appeals are organized into two stages, clerical check of the final grade, and re-read of the final examination. The clerical check must be requested and answered before an application for a re-read may be submitted. Please follow the instructions for each appeal stage as documented below.

Possible Results

You should recognize that when your examination is sent for either a clerical check or re-read:

  • the mark may remain unchanged
  • the mark may be raised
  • the mark may be lowered if an error is detected in the clerical check or the re-read

If your final grade is changed as a result of the clerical check or re-read, all appeal fees paid will be refunded in full.

How to apply

Complete a Reconsideration of Final Course Results Application Form and submit it with the appropriate fee by mail or in-person to:

Student Services
University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
158 St. George Street
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2V8

Requests will not be accepted by fax, telephone or e-mail.

Clerical Check of Final Grade

(includes photocopy of final examination)

If you believe there has been an arithmetical error in calculating your course mark, you may request a clerical check of the final results. Student Services will check that all answers have been marked, and the marks have been added correctly. The office will also check that all term work marks have been correctly added. When you apply for this procedure you will automatically receive a photocopy of your final examination.

A clerical check does not include a re-read of the final examination.

Fee: There is a $13.00 charge for this procedure, which includes a photocopy of your final examination answers.

Processing time: This process takes up to 15 business days.

Deadline: You must submit your request within three months of the final examination/course completion period.

Re-Read of Final Examination

If you believe that your final examination has been incorrectly marked in its substance, you may request a re-read. Any request for a re-read must be supported by clear evidence that the request is justified. It is your responsibility to demonstrate that your answers are substantially correct by citing specific instances of disagreement, supported by such documentary evidence as course handouts, textbooks, lecture notes, etc. You must do more than simply assert that “I disagree with the marking” or that “I believe I deserve more marks”. (A well-constructed case will point to the textbook, lecture notes, similar questions in tests or some other similar evidence outside your own opinion.)

If the School is satisfied that you have stated your case in the proper fashion – not that the substance of your case is correct, but that you have constructed your argument properly – your request will then be forwarded to the original course examiner who will undertake any re-reading involved.

A re-read will not be considered unless you have obtained a photocopy of your final examination answers, and a clerical check of your final grade has been completed.

Fee: There is a $36.00 charge for this procedure.

Processing time: This process takes up to 35 business days.

Deadline: You must submit your request within four months of the final examination/course completion period.

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