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Campus Wi-Fi

Many of the buildings at the St. George Campus have wifi coverage that students are welcome to use.  Visit http://wireless.utoronto.ca/bstatus for a complete list of buildings.  In order to log onto the campus Wi-Fi, you need to have an active UTORid or qqID.  To request a UTORid, please email the School at learn@utoronto.ca or call (416) 978-2400 on your first day of class or later, and ask for a TCard Letter.  TCard Letters cannot be issued prior to the first day of your course.  Your TCard Letter will be available the following business day.  You can visit our office at 158 St. George Street to pick it up, or ask to have it emailed to you when it is ready.  If you already have a UTORid and need to re-activate it, please email the School at learn@utoronto.ca or call (416) 978-2400 on your first day of class or later.  By requesting another TCard Letter, your UTORid will be re-activated 24 hours after your request is processed.  If you are emailed a qqID from the School to access Blackboard, you can use it to log onto the Wi-Fi as well.  qqIDs do not require activation.


Please follow the below instructions to access the wireless network while on campus.

  1. Open your Network Settings and choose View Available Wireless Networks.
  2. Left-click on the wireless network icon and click on UofT.
  3. Click the Connect button.
  4. Type your UTORid and Password
  5. If you see a warning message that the credentials provided by the server could not be verified, click Connect.


For detailed instructions on how to connect to UofT’s wireless service when on campus please follow the below link: