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Accessibility Support

The School of Continuing Studies is committed to providing support to our students with disabilities to ensure a positive learning experience in all of our courses and programs.

We work closely with the University of Toronto Accessibility Services to assess individual needs and coordinate the provision of necessary services. Services are provided to students with a documented disability, which can be physical, a learning disability, or a mental health disorder.

Accommodations may include (but are not limited to):

  • Alternative test and examination accommodation
  • Note-taking services
  • Accessible classrooms
  • Alternative formats for printed materials
  • Sign language interpreters
  • Adaptive equipment and assistive devices

If you require accommodation, we welcome you to contact the School at 416-978-2400 or email learn@utoronto.ca to make arrangements for this service. Although we cannot guarantee that we can provide all requested services or facilities, we will make every effort to meet your needs. Below are some recommendations and steps to follow to ensure that we can set up your accommodation in time for your first class:

  1. Include the following information when you contact the School.
    • Current documentation (within the last year) of your disability from a recognized health professional. This will help us to assess your needs and determine the best strategies to support you. The documentation will confirm the disability and detail the impact of the disability on your academic performance.
    • Description of the services that you are requesting. Keep in mind that your documentation must support your request, and that we may make additional or alternate suggestions if necessary.
    • The course/program in which you are enrolled or are interested in enrolling.


  2. Consider the workload and scheduling of your program and the challenges you may encounter in completing the assignments and taking tests and examinations. In addition to the course descriptions, we can provide you with a course outline that will detail the curriculum and evaluation structures, the course work and assessment schedules, and applicable textbook and course resource information.
  3. Decide if you wish to disclose your disability to your instructor(s). This is your choice. Your instructors may be an excellent resource in your accommodation plan as they can assist you within the classroom in several ways. For instance, they may be able to reserve special seating, provide assignment extensions, or help arrange for alternative assignment or testing formats. If you choose to inform your instructor(s) this should be done as early as possible.

You do not have to be enrolled in order to request accommodation. In fact, we encourage you to place your request well in advance of registration to ensure that we can accommodate you in a timely manner.