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The Brief-Law program is a pre-bridging program designed to prepare self-identifying women who are internationally-trained law professionals for entry into specialized bridging or employment programs in Canada. 

Through this program, you will have your education and transferable skills, as well as your English language proficiency assessed. Then you will attend a personalized selection of School of Continuing Studies English language classes, micro courses, and career coaching to help prepare you to apply your unique skills and experience to successfully transition into the Canadian labour market.

This program is government-funded, free of charge to participants, and open to internationally-trained women with immigrant/refugee/protected person status in Canada who:  

a) Have a background in the legal/para-legal professions or services profession.

b) Are willing to explore career options in their own or related and alternative fields, based on their circumstances, skills, abilities, and professional opportunities.

Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, participants may be placed on a waitlist.

You will leave this program with:  

  • Your educational credentials assessed
  • Your language proficiency and communication skills assessed
  • An updated career profile and resume
  • The ability to recognize your abilities and communicate them effectively
  • The ability to identify specific career paths based on your strengths, competencies, and interests  
  • Skills in inter-cultural competence
  • Knowledge of the requirements to practice law in Canada 
  1. Assessment of participants’ education and transferrable skills  
  2. Assessment and enhancement of participants’ English language proficiency  
  3. Assessment and Alternate Career Exploration  
  4. Recommendation for SCS Career-focused micro-credentials and related courses  
  5. Preparation for Job Search and Employment: Resume writing/interview skills  

You will be required to participate in the following assessments and training:

  • Educational Credential Assessment
  • English Language Assessment
  • Blueprint Career Assessment and Workshops
  • English Language Training
  • Preparation for employment and job search (through Access Employment)
  • A maximum of three SCS career-focused micro-courses 

November 2023 to March 31, 2024

The program will go through different phases over a period of 4 months:

  • A four-week (80-hour) intensive language course, English for Effective Communication, through the School’s English Language Program (ELP) where learners will be placed in classes at their proficiency levels
  • Orientation to the legal profession and requirements to practice law in Canada, delivered by the University’s Faculty of Law
  • CliftonStrengths Career Planning and Alternative Careers workshops which will both be customized for the program and delivered through the School’s BluePrint Career Services (BCS)
  • Career-focused micro-credentials and related courses offered to participants at the School of Continuing Studies (maximum of three courses per participant)

Other professional development opportunities include:  

  • Mentorships with senior legal professionals
  • Networking events with justices of the Ontario Court, Supreme Court of Canada, and law students
  • Leadership Skills workshops and a series of law career-related conversation workshops featuring Faculty of Law alumni
  • Academic advising and workshops for participants who plan to pursue Canadian legal credentials
  • Presentations from diverse sectors to provide insight into alternative/different careers
  • Career mentoring, one-on-one coaching, and provision of industry/sectoral workforce data to support participants’ decision-making in pursuing alternative careers
  • Occupation-specific job search and employment preparation including resume writing and interview skills through ACCES Employment’s How to Find a Job Program

The program will be modular with optional support based on individuals’ needs assessments. It will be delivered in a hybrid format: on-line with self-study, online instructor-led, and in-person.  

At the end of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion with a grade report and will be ready to pursue employment in alternative careers in various sectors or pursue further academic options including specialized bridging programs for Canadian legal credentials. 

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be residents of Ontario with one of the following immigration statuses:
    • naturalized citizens
    • permanent residents
    • refugee claimants with valid work permits
  • Have a post-secondary education equivalent to a university degree or college diploma in the legal/ para-legal professions
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Have English language proficiency for admission to the program (a minimum of Canadian Language Benchmark level 5); and
  • Have a minimum of two years of international work experience in their profession

Applicants cannot be individuals who have completed post-secondary education in Canada. 
Exception: individuals who have completed post-secondary education in Canada in occupations unrelated to their original occupation will be eligible for the program.  

Applicants cannot be individuals participating in full-time education or training or participating in any other government-funded occupational training intervention.  

For any questions or further information please contact Blueprint Career Services at

If you are interested in applying to this program, please complete the registration form: 


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