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Alumni Benefit: $750 Course Credit

Congratulations on graduating from the University of Toronto.  The School of Continuing Studies rewards you for your accomplishment with a $750 course credit toward any one of our courses in a broad range of areas:

  • Business & Professional
  • Creative Writing
  • Languages & Translation
  • Arts & Science
  • English Language Program

Whether you’re looking to enhance your job readiness, work toward a professional designation, learn a language or improve management of your personal finances, the School has a course for you.

Course Credit Details:

  • $750 applies to one course of your choice at the School of Continuing Studies
  • In-class courses available at the St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough campuses during evenings and weekends
  • Many online and hybrid courses are also available
  • Offer valid for 24 months following convocation
  • One-time use only*

Easy Course Registration Using Your Credit

  1. Select a course
  2. Gather the following required registration information:
    1. Degree Earned
    2. Convocation Date
    3. U of T Student Number (nine-digit number)
    4. Your UTORID
  3. Register:
    1. By Phone:  (416) 978-2400
    2. In-Person:  158 St. George St., Front Desk

Learners tell us our courses gave them:

  • Skills needed to enhance their job readiness
  • On-target course content supporting efforts to secure a professional designation (e.g., PMP, CGA, CBAP)
  • Industry insight from expert instructors working in the field
  • Expanded professional network with other learners
  • Accessible courses — in-class, online or hybrid — that fit into their busy schedule
  • Career enhancement and/or career transition with our certificates

*This discount must be applied at the time of registration and cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers from the School of Continuing Studies. Discount is valid as a one-time offer, is not transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash. It is applicable only towards course tuition and cannot be used towards the cost of textbooks or any other course-related expenses.