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People need learning where and when it suits them, which is why the School of Continuing Studies offers flexible, personalized learning plans. Choose from in-class, online and hybrid (best of in-class and online) courses that deliver the same commitment to excellence in program content and expert instruction.

Flexible Schedules

Flexible learning plans are ideal for people who work long hours, face a tough commute, have responsibilities at home, frequent business travel, or simply just require courses that make learning even more accessible. Many of our learners have to balance all of these realities while taking School courses, so they are offered in multiple formats and in multiple locations – at the U of T’s three GTA campuses.

Course Formats: Accelerated, Hybrid, Online, and In-Class Courses

Accelerated Courses:
Advance your studies faster during the spring and summer by selecting accelerated courses in business, creative writing and language. Popular with working professionals and those with busy schedules, accelerated courses are available in two formats, in-class and hybrid, which blends the best of online and in-class.

Hybrid Courses:
A blend of online and classroom learning, hybrid courses allow students to work from home and connect on a regular basis face-to-face with their peers and instructors for a deeper connection and sense of community. The balance of in-class and online time varies from course to course, which offers even more flexibility for students to choose an option with the pace and timing that suits them best.

Online Courses:
With no physical classrooms, these courses are delivered entirely online and do more than bridge distances. Online courses brings together communities of collaborative learners and are designed to provide smooth, reliable support as you pursue your personal and professionals development goals. If you’re studying for a certificate or professional designation, our online options lead to the same outcomes as traditional classroom courses.

In-Class Courses:
The School is constantly expanding its courses and today, it offers more than 600 courses and 80 certificates in business and professional studies, arts and science, creative writing, and languages and translations. We make is easy for people to continue to learn by offering courses on the University of Toronto’s three campuses: Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, and Scarborough.

Three Easy Steps to Finding Hybrid and Online Courses

  1. Go to the Course Search Tool
  2. Select “More Search Options” and select Delivery Method
  3. Type in the course you’re looking for and hit “Search”

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Increase in enrolments for online courses over the past five years to more than 6,500 annually

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