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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Online Certificate Programs: Business & Professional

Certificate in Accounting Level 1

Courses include:
SCS 0984 Accounting: The Fundamentals
SCS 0980 Economics, Introductory
SCS 0973 Business Law

Certificate in Advertising

Courses include:

3134 Foundations of Advertising
3135 Creative Strategy & Channels in Advertising
3136 Fundamentals of Digital Advertising

Certificate in Business Analysis

Courses include:
SCS 2379 Foundations of Business Analysis
SCS 2382 Leadership in Business Analysis
SCS 2383 Business Analysis Tools and Techniques (Available in Spring 2012)

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Certificate in Business Management Fundamentals

Courses include:

SCS 0984 Accounting: The Fundamentals
– or  SCS 2079 Understanding Financial Statements
– plus SCS 2081 The Budgeting Process In-Class only

SCS 0973 Business Law
SCS 0977 Business Management
SCS 0974 Business Strategy
SCS 0980 Economics, Introductory
SCS 0976 Financial Management
SCS 1860 Foundations of Project Management
SCS 0987 Human Resources Management
SCS 1209 Management Information Systems (MIS)
SCS 0978 Marketing: An Introduction
SCS 1348 The Business Approach to Writing

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Certificate in Digital Marketing Management

e-Commerce/e-Business Management

Certificate in E-Learning

Courses include:
SCS 0215 E-Learning Program Planning and Implementation
SCS 0216 How to Design an E-Learning Program
SCS 0219 Knowledge Management
SCS 0199 Strategies for a Web Presence
SCS 0217 Visual Design and Display of Information
SCS 1843 Writing for the Web

Certificate in Enterprise Architecture

Courses include:
SCS 2690 Foundations of Enterprise Architecture
SCS 3105 Enterprise Architecture Development & Governance
SCS 2692 Tools and Applications in Enterprise Architecture

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Certificate in Marketing

Certificate in Marketing – Advanced

Certificate in Merchandising

Courses include:
SCS 2119 Tools & Fundamentals of Retail Merchandising
SCS 2117 Creating Consumer-Oriented Merchandising Programs

Certificate in Human Resources

Certificate in Project Management

Courses include:
SCS 1860 Foundations of Project Management or SCS 2468 Foundations of Project Management
SCS 1952 Leading Projects in Organizations or SCS 2469 Leading Projects in Organizations
SCS 1937 Project Implementation & Control or SCS 2470 Project Implementation & Control

Certificate in Strategic Public Relations

Courses include:
SCS 2875 Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media
SCS 3033 Foundations of Strategic Public Relations
SCS 3034 Public Relations: Advanced Practices and Case Studies

Certificate in Risk Management

Courses include:
SCS 2921 The Foundations of Risk Management
SCS 0985 Risk Control
SCS 0986 Risk Financing

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Certificate in Web Writing and Social Media Communication

Courses include:
SCS 1344 Copywriting that Sells
SCS 1843 Writing for the Web
SCS 2802 Online and Social Media Copywriting

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